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Want to win a copy of Dear John?

Title: Dear John

Publication Date: 29 July 2011

ISBN: 978-1-935757-25-2

Format: E-Book

Length: 8,994 words PDF = 50 pp

Genre: Erotic Romance

Category: Romance, Erotica, Multiple Partner, Threesome, Ménage, Gay, Male Male, Heterosexual, Contemporary, BDSM, Female Domination

Price: $3.99


John Monroe’s life as a race car driver was uncomplicated: go fast, turn left. But his home life hits a caution flag when his soap opera actress wife, the beautiful Alexis, leaves for the fantasy resort Inhibitions Gone Wild; and John finds a note saying their marriage depends on his attendance. What will John find at the fantasy resort, what part does old friend Marc play, and what new passions will Alexis unleash? A world of new sexual delights can begin with a simple letter: Dear John…

Excerpt 1:

John stood in the middle of the driveway looking up at the house and found all the lights off including the porch light. That’s odd; usually she’ll leave a light or two on, even if she’s in bed.

Turning on the lights once inside he walked to the kitchen to get a drink of water before taking his duffle bag to the bedroom. Where’s Alexis? She usually greeted him at the door when he came home. Maybe she’s taping late, but it’s past two in the morning. Where the fuck is she? All of a sudden his stomach made a growling noise. With all that went on with the accident and seeing Scotty at the hospital he’d forgotten all about dinner. He raided the refrigerator for bread and lunch meat to make a sandwich. By the time he finished eating it he was angry, throwing his duffle bag across the room, and slamming it into Alexis’s favorite, and most expensive, lamp.

Walking into the bedroom he went toward the nightstand table and switched on the small light. The bed was made—and empty. John sat on the bed and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

He stood and walked into the bathroom for a much needed shower before crawling in between the sheets. A pink envelope, with his name on it, was taped to the mirror. As he pulled it from the mirror he caught a whiff of her perfume; when he sniffed it, his stomach tightened and his shaft began to stir. He opened it, and an unspoken pain appeared in his brown eyes.

Dear John,

When you get this letter I’ll be on my way to Inhibitions Gone Wild.

The paper I printed out from the Internet will tell everything you need to know. Our marriage is riding on this John. Be there.

Your Wife,Alexis

What the hell! What’s Alexis doing at a women’s fantasy resort? What’s wrong with our marriage? Every time he came home after a race she seemed happy, never said a word. Maybe he should’ve cut back, but racing was his dream, he lived and breathed winning the championship. It wasn’t like she was home much either, always busy on the set. After a few minutes he looked at the name again and knew where he’d heard it before. One day while getting his oil changed he’d overheard a man talking to his buddy about his wife pestering him to take her to some woman’s fantasy resort. How long has Alexis known about this place? She never complained about our sex life before.

Excerpt 2:

Alexis looked at her reflection in the mirror. She’d never dressed up as a “Mistress” before and had to admit, it’s pretty damned hot. No panties under the short black leather skirt, was also something she’d never done before and knew it’d drive John crazy. The black, knee-high leather boots with the impossibly tall spike heels would put her eye-to-eye with John.

What if John takes one look at me and says he isn’t going through with this whole fantasy stuff, even if our marriage depends on it? What if he doesn’t show up? She turned and admired her figure in the mirror, tapping the leather riding crop against her boot. And miss this? No way. Then she heard someone open the door slowly.

“Alexis, are you here?”

She stepped out from the curtain and stood in front of John. “Silence! Did I tell you to speak? If I want you to, I’ll tell you!” Before John could speak Alexis hit his thigh with the crop.


“Stand at attention with your arms at your side. Don’t look at me.” She wanted to remind him about not talking, but from the pained look on his face maybe she snapped the crop harder then she thought. Come on girl, you can do this.

“Alexis, what’s gotten into you? You have me so fucking hard right now, do you know that?”

Alexis made a snap with her crop, the blow on John’s leg making him flinch. “I said do not speak until I tell you to. This is your last warning.” She watched john nervously nod his assent. “So, do you think you’re good enough to be my slave?” She held the crop in one hand and was ready to snap it again as her eyes met John’s. “We will see. Strip, so I can inspect the goods. Strip slowly slave; I want to see elegance and humility in your movement.”

John quickly removed his shirt; and was about to start on his pants when he felt the stinging crop again.

“Slaves obey their mistress. I said slowly.” Alexis went over to the cabinet where the toys were stored and hung the crop on its hook. She removed the multi-tailed flogger and walked over to John; letting the leather falls of the whip dangle ominously.

Alexis circled her prey, shaking the flogger making the leather rustle. “Drop the pants and the underwear.” She watched as he quickly undid his belt, his slacks and underwear soon pooling around his ankles.

“When I snap my fingers, you will kneel slave!” She snapped her fingers and John immediately fell to his knees.

She was having way too much fun watching her husband kneel in front of her, so she stared at him in silence for several seconds. John started to rise from his knees and Alexis tapped him on the shoulder with the handle of the flogger. “Did I tell you to stand yet?” No matter what he did it didn’t seem to please Alexis. She took a deep breath and rubbed the flogger handle between her legs.

Excerpt 3:

Marc closed the door to his office, forgetting all about the blinds not being down. He’d learned at his resort that time wasted was lust denied. He pushed John up against the wall, and kissed him hard on the lips.

John returned the kiss, jamming his tongue into Marc’s mouth.

Marc put everything he had into that kiss, no longer denying those feelings he kept hidden since that drunken night in their teen years. He wanted John and he wanted him bad.

John matched Marc’s heavy breathing along with the strokes of his tongue, and a few seconds later he pulled away. “Marc, we need to stop before someone sees us.”

“No, it’s been almost twenty years since that night and we need to explore this more, get it out of our system. I need to know if it was a onetime thing, or if there’s something more between us. Don’t you ask yourself that as well?”

John ran a hand through his hair, “Yea, sometimes I wonder why I only see my wife once a week, even though I do really love her.” He paced the room, “We’ve got our careers; her acting. Me? I drive a car; go fast, turn left; that’s my life.” He stopped to look at Marc, “When you didn’t write back I assumed I was the only one feeling… Hell, I don’t know what between us. When I first married Alexis it was the pressure from her agent, and then the tabloids but then… Over time I gave her my heart, until lately.”

Marc thought John talked too much; it was time to shut him up. He wanted to touch him ever since they bumped into each other and he was going out of his mind. His fingers began to touch the inside crease of John’s slacks. The caress made John tremble. “You’ve been hard for me all day, haven’t you John?”

John could hardly breathe but managed a breathless. “Yes.”

“I wasted too much of my life wondering what was right, what was acceptable,” Marc said. “Inhibitions Gone Wild is about letting go; finding out who you are and what you want. We’re all people John; who you love is who you love.” They began tearing at each other’s shirts, when the shirts were on the carpet John ran his tongue around Marc’s nipple. Hearing a growl from Marc, his tongue moved to the other side.

Marc wondered what it would be like to take John’s cock into his mouth. Would it be as hot as it was in his dreams? Many restless nights his erotic dreams ended with him sucking on John’s shaft. Those were dreams; could he make it a reality?

If you would like to get your name entered into a drawing for a chance to win this ebook here is what you need to do.

You pick which one of the three Questions to answer or comment on and I'll enter your name in the drawing, will pick one name on thursday night. So you'll be getting an advanced copy since it doesn't even release until friday afternoon. Good luck Everyone.

1.Can you name three of the books I have still coming out this year if not name the book that came out the most recent before Dear John.

2. I have a big series Im working on do you know what it is and if so name it.

3.Name a favorite book or two of mine you've read lately.

Will pick a name thursday night.  Good luck.


Barb said...

1.Can you name three of the books I have still coming out this year if not name the book that came out the most recent before Dear John.

Christmas in Cuffs

2. I have a big series Im working on do you know what it is and if so name it.

The Cooper Stud Ranch

3.Name a favorite book or two of mine you've read lately.

For the Love of Bobbie

I know I only had to answer one question but thought I'd give you the answers to all 3.

Jodi Olson said...

LOL Thanks Barb.Good Luck.

Jane said...

1. Christmas in Cuffs

2. The Cooper Stud Ranch

3. For The Love of Bobbie
Claiming Lauren

Jodi Olson said...

Thanks Jane. You are entered. Good luck.

Missy Martine said...

Hey Jodi - Your book Hunter's Possesion is my all-time favorite of yours :)

Missy Martine

Missy Martine said...
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Jodi Olson said...

Thats one of my favorites too Missy it took me a long time to write it and Ryan Hunter is my favorite of the two.

E. Jamie said...

I think the one before this one was For the Love of Bobbie and I remember you mentioning Christmas in Cuffs which is coming later? (that title tickles me!)

And the cowboy series with all the sons! But I can't remember the name of that one!

E. Jamie said...

Ah that was it! Cooper Stud Ranch! Ah well. (laughs)

Jodi Olson said...

LOl Nancy you are in. Good luck.

suzannethomas69 said...

# 3 For the love of Bobbie, Claiming Lauren, Hunter's Possession, Raining on Sunday - These are my top favorites!!!

Western Lovin!! said...

1. christmas in cuffs, for the love of bobby just came out,
2. cooper stud ranch
3. for the love of bobby and playing house!!

Reanna said...

I will have to say Christmas in Cuffs :)~ I'm new to you and haven't had the chance to read anything of yours yet :)~ that will soon be changing.

Thanks Reanna

Julie said...

3. Claiming Lauren, Hunter's Possession, Sinful Delights

I'm working the rest of the ones I have :)

Jodi Olson said...

Okay, I have everyone entered into the drawing, good luck all.

Jodi Olson said...

Will pick a name in one and a half hours ladies.