Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My interview with Neal Riley from Getting Wild

Jodi : Hello Neal, I must say did you wear those nice fitten jeans just for me?

Neal: (Big gin) Why of course, also heard alot of woman like a guy in tight fitten jeans and I aim to please.

Jodi:Tell the reader’s things they’d like to know about you.

Neal: Love the scent of vanilla on a female, Brunettes get me excited, I could spend hours just using my tongue. I did bartending weekends before working full time at The Swollen Pussy strip club.

Jodi: Do you have any siblings?

Neal: Yes, Nathan is my older brother, he owns the club and has his own story Seduction the Riley Way.

Jodi: What made you want to take a job as a bartender in a strip club?

Neal: Nathan called me asking for help and I wanted a change of scenery so I thought why not. Then I thought about woman stripping and got on a plane quickly. LOL

Jodi: What do you look like? What are you most comfortable wearing?

Neal: Have very short brown hair, dark brown eyes, have a goatee. I’m over 6 feet and 30 years old.
What do I like wearing? Well if I have to wear anything at all, I would say my jeans mostly. If I didn’t have to tend bar and could stay at home my boxer briefs or even better nothing at all.

Jodi: What do you look for in a woman?

Neal: I like all types of woman but my favorite would have to be brunettes, they tend to get me really hot. I also like woman who have curves, no stick types for me. She must also give me a strip tease any time I want one. That always gets me excited. I also like older woman. I protect the woman I’m with and give her everything she wants and more.

Jodi: I heard that one night The Swollen Pussy did a special staring male strippers and you were the main attraction, is that true?

Neal: Yes, it’s true. (Grinning) I really got the woman worked up that night. Some even tossed me their phone numbers. The woman sure can scream.

Jodi: There are some woman love a guy with tattoos, do you have any and if so what are they?

Neal: Yes, I have two tigers on my back that are mating. Underneath it says Getting Wild in black letters.

Jodi: I heard that you have a fantasy about libraries tell us about it.

Neal: Let’s just say the fantasy involves a woman, it’s nice and quiet then all of a sudden; she’s having one heck of an orgasm.

Jodi: Wow, I love the answer you give to these questions Neal.The ladies will love you.

Neal: Thanks for asking me to do this interview and I hope the ladies enjoy Getting Wild. Check out my brothers book too ladies.

Jodi: Neal can you stay around for awhile or do you need to go?

Neal: I can stay around if you'd like.

Jodi: Great.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Some Guys That Inspire Books Finished or started

Top man is Greyson Jameson he is the hero of my m/f erotic romance calledFrom a Distance.
The middle guy is Aiden D'Marco and bottom guy is Jagger Logan these two men will be in a m/m erotic romance called Alluring Whispers and it will lossely be tied in with Breathless Whispers and Naughty Whispers. Jagger is a brother Gina and Greg didn't know exsisted.

Some Cowboy Hero's for some WIP'S

The bottom three are going to be in The Cooper Stud Ranch Volume 2.Sam,Brock and Seth.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Chats coming up

Giving away three ebooks: Home for Christmas, Playing House,Claiming Lauren

Thursday: Will be giving away one paperback signed by me. 2 ebooks Storm's Obsession and Naughty Whispers

More upcoming chats for Romance Divine authors:
Beth Wylde: Nov. 25
Savannah Chase: Dec. 16
Whipped Cream: Dec. 18

I hope to see you there.

Dozen Cowboy Humks

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sexy Hot Men

Erotic Pleasures cover

In this book you will get the free short story Office Play plus 14 of my ebook sample chapters for FREE.Isn't that great?

Monday, August 30, 2010