Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dear John by Jodi Olson

This is my M/M/F M/M M/F Menage

It will be releasing late July/ early August

Sneak Peek unedited from publisher

John watched Alexis lean over the table to grab her purse and his gaze was drawn to the curve of her butt, his cock already hard, ached as he imagined her stripping off the suit she wore. First he’d bury himself inside her pussy, then he’d lube up her ass and take her there too.

But that fantasy had to wait since this place was all about woman’s fantasies. He hoped whatever she had in mind wouldn’t make him the laughing stock of the racing circuit.

“John, why don’t you go over to the bar and have a drink? It looks like you could use one. Meet me in an hour inside fantasy room three.”

Oh he needed more than one drink to go through with this nonsense. He was the one who called the shots while in the bedroom not her. If it weren’t for that note threatening divorce he wouldn’t have shown up at all.

John glanced at his watch after downing his third whiskey. It was too early to drink but he didn’t give a shit. I guess I can’t stall any longer. Alexis, you’ll be paying for this for a long time to come.

He walked slowly as he read over the flyer in his hand; John didn’t see the men heading toward him until it was too late. Bumping into a brick wall is what it felt like until he looked up then did a double take.

“Marc Samson?” He was going to feel like a fool if this wasn’t his old neighborhood friend from when he was a kid.

“Yes, can I help you with something? Did you need help finding a certain room? There’s a map telling which rooms are which but I can show you if you’d like.”

“Marc, it’s me John Monroe. We used to be neighbors back in high school. Where’ve you been hiding?”

“Oh man, I saw the name John Monroe on the guest list and wondered if that was you. What a surprise after all these years.”

“So Marc, did your wife, threaten to divorce you too? Mine sure did.”

“No, John. I’m not married. You’re looking at the owner of Inhibitions Gone Wild. Isn’t it great? I get to help women fulfill their sexual fantasies on a daily basis.”

“Must be great to have different woman every night in your bed,” John needed to find Alexis or she’d soon be calling her lawyer seeking a divorce. “I really need to run. Alexis is waiting for me. Can we maybe get together this evening for dinner?”

“Dinner works for me but let’s make it a late. How about we meet up at eight?”

“See you then.” John shook hands with Marc then quickly walked toward room three. Above the door the sign read Mistress Fantasy. “Fuck!” John let out a long, audible breath before putting his hand on the door- knob.