Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cash Cooper

Another brother has been discovered. Isn't he yummy?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Breathless Whispers Cover and a little tease

This excerpt hasn't been edited by Publisher yet.
Lacey McKenna had wanted to be a model ever since she could remember but she wasn’t tall or thin enough, or so she was always told. Even her mother constantly nagged her about it. When Chase Stevens, owner of Breathless Whispers Lingerie offered her a job in his store to model part-time along with a full-time sales associate she jumped at it. At first she’d been shy wearing only little scraps of material but after she became more comfortable, it no longer bothered her.
Today had been a slow day in the store and there were several items in the store she’d had her eye. Chase wasn’t around and the store was empty so she thought it was a perfect opportunity for her to try them on.
The first outfit she tried on was a black and red bra and thong set made from silk that felt wonderful on her. As she looked in the mirror, she spotted a man looking through the window at her. Lacey thought he looked familiar but wasn’t sure if she knew him or not since he was at a distance. She sure hoped he wasn’t a weirdo looking for some cheap thrills; he looked respectable dressed in a suit and tie but you never can tell these days.
Who ever he was, he left before she could change back into her clothes find out what he wanted. Maybe he was admiring the red lace chemise in the store window and wanted it for his wife but then changed his mind. There was no use in thinking about him any further. Lacey locked up the store and placed the two lingerie outfits she’d purchased for herself in the trunk of her car before she heading home.


Chase was the first to arrive at the store the next morning cause he wanted to get there before Lacey for a change. Since she’d started working there, sales had tripled; more men came into the store then ever before. He wasn’t too thrilled seeing her get hit on but so far she’d turned them all down. Would she turn him down too? He’d wanted to ask her out for a while but wasn’t sure it was a good idea since he was her boss.
The first day she’d worked at Breathless Whispers, the air conditioning decided to break down. The store had been crowded and the only fan was in his office.
Chase could still picture her cooling off on front of the fan, her fingers slowly undoing the buttons on her blouse; just enough to show plenty of cleavage to make his mouth water; and his cock hard. Then when she thought no one was watching her she pushed her skirt up to her thighs and quickly removed the panties she had on.
So lost in thought, he hadn’t seen or heard Lacey come into his office. He groaned when he realized she was wearing the same outfit he was just visualizing minutes ago. “Chase…”
“Morning Lacey, how’d it go last night?”
“Very well, I sold the last chiffon panty and bra cut out heart set. They seem to be a top seller; you might want to order more of those.”
“Wow those sure sold out fast. By the way, I’ve got someone coming at four this afternoon with some new samples of lingerie for me to look at. His name is Greg Logan; can show him back here when he arrives. Let me know if the store gets busy and I’ll come out and help, otherwise I’ll be in the office all day.”
As soon as Lacey closed the door Chase locked it. His jeans were way too tight and he needed some relief now. He unzipped his jeans and slid them past his thighs, giving his briefs push with them. One fist closed around his thick cock and began to stroke it slowly; his other hand cupped his balls. When he closed his eyes, he fantasized Lacey was bent over reaching for those damp panties she’d dropped on the floor that first day and he was fucking her from behind. He pumped and pumped faster onto his hand, stroking his balls.
Chase called out her name as his seed spilled all over his hand, and seconds later he heard Lacey try the door. When he didn’t say anything, he heard her say.
“ Chase, I need you.”

Friday, February 13, 2009

Brady and Chance Cooper

Who wouldn't want these hot Cooper Boys? I know they wouldn't get kicked out of my bed. lol

Brock Cooper- one of the many Cooper boys

in my series. Don't you just loveeeeee him?

Im back so how about some hotties

After three weeks of not seeing my blog, it looks like I can now. Hope it stays that way.