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Captian's Call of Duty by Cindy Dees (The Kelley Legacy)

From tomboy to bombshell? Captain Jim Kelley is thunderstruck. Suddenly Alexandra Mendez has gone from one of the guys, kid sister and tomboy to all woman. Alex is under his command on a dangerous undercover mission, but Jim has to keep reminding himself they're only pretending to be lovers. Alex has loved Jim all her life, but they'd always been just friends. Now working together to thwart an assassination plot, their cover requires her to unearth her femininity. Jim's sudden attention is unexpected...and thrilling. But is Jim just infatuated by her looks, or is it her he wants?

Missing Mother-to Be by Elle Kennedy (The Kelley Legacy)

Lana Kelley never imagined the magical night she shared with a stranger would result in pregnancy. But when she's kidnapped, Lana is shocked to discover one of her captors is none other than the father of her unborn child.

Mercenary Deacon Holt can't understand Lana. She should hate him. Instead, she refuses to believe he's coldhearted. Though Deacon tries to remain detached, he can't deny he still wants Lana.

And when Lana's life is threatened, Deacon will risk all to help her escape….

Rancher Under Cover by Carla Cassidy (The Kelley Legacy)

Alone with a sexy stranger and no place to hide After American surgeon Caitlin O'Donahue nearly lost her life during volunteer work in the jungles of El Salvador, she returned to her family's ranch to discover her father in hiding. Now the place that was once so safe seems dangerous. The only man she can trust is a stranger - a gorgeous rancher with an agenda and deep-set secrets. Undercover agent Rhett Kane is hell-bent on busting Caitlin's father. His assignment doesn't include protecting Caitlin...or taking her under cover in the most sensual way. When his dual lives collide he's left with the ultimate choice. Will he choose love over duty - and will it cost him his life's mission?

Cowboy Under Siege by Gail Barrett(The Kelley Legacy)

Sabotage at the Bar Lazy K Ranch An unknown enemy of the Kelley family is seeking vengeance on Cole Kelley—and the Montana ranch he'll fight tooth and nail to protect. His land is the only thing Cole can depend on. Not his powerful, scandal-ridden father. And especially not Bethany Moore—the beautiful Native American nurse who left him years ago…and is now back with secrets. Bethany will go up against her own family to help the Bar Lazy K. And the proud cowboy whose guarded heart is as under siege as his land. Their flame burned brightly once before, but will they have a chance to rekindle it before all is lost?

Special Ops Bodyguard by Beth Cornelison (The Kelley Legecy)

"I have a mission—and you're not it." Is it the honey–blond hair? The blue eyes? Gage Prescott can't put his finger on it, but something about the Maple Cove waitress is both sexy and innocent. Not that it matters. The battle–scarred ex–Army Ranger has come to this Montana town as bodyguard to Senator Kelley, not to let a pretty face distract him. Kate Rogers has her own mission. If, while on assignment, the handsome Gage can assist with her sister's abusive husband, she'll accept that gratefully. But will their growing passion interfere when their duties involve life and death?

Private Justice by Marie Ferrarella (The Kelley Legacy Series)

A family rocked by secrets...When a senator is disgraced by scandal, his hotshot lawyer son, Dylan, rushes to pick up the pieces. Dylan's only ally is the feisty Cindy, whose loyalty to her boss is as compelling as her drop-dead gorgeous looks. The senator's not the only one whose world is in disarray: Cindy's grappling with an unexpected pregnancy and bears scars from the past. The last thing she's looking for is romance, even with a man who's as sweet as he is steely. But little do she and Dylan know that Senator Kelley has even more secrets...secrets that might cost the newfound lovers their lives.

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Blurb and Excerpt for From A Distance

Title: From A Distance

Publication Date: June 2013

ISBN: 978-1-939010-19-3

Author: Jodi Olson

Format: E-Book

Length: 11,125 words PDF = 66 pp

Genre: Romance

Category: Contemporary

Price: $4.99

Bad boy Grayson Jameson was coming home after eighteen years, to a town that still hadn’t forgiven him. It was his brother’s funeral, but Grayson had other motives. The woman, the town librarian he couldn’t get out of his mind. How would Gillian Masterson react to his return? Could star-crossed lovers finally come together? Or would they be consigned to love only…From A Distance?

Excerpt 1:

“Honey, you know what will happen if I stay, and it sure in hell doesn’t involve either one of us sleeping.”

“I know, just… Let me have this one night with you. I know you’re leaving the day after tomorrow, but I need this.”

Clothes littered the floor on the way to the bedroom. Grayson leisurely made love to Gillian’s mouth at first. Her mouth was warm and sweet, she tasted good. She moaned against his lips when Grayson’s hands dropped to her bare shoulders.

Grayson took one of her hands in his, wrapped her small fingers around his hard cock, holding her hand there with light pressure. “Honey, I’m not going to last much longer if you keep doing that.”

Gillian’s fingertips stroked up, down and around his cock and he shuddered, feeling pleasure all along his spine.

With one hand on her waist, he gathered her close with his other arm and pressed against her soft hip. He kissed her gently while running his hands from her waist to her breasts and down again.

She whimpered as his kiss deepened.

His hand slid across her belly, stroking her velvety soft skin. With each movement, he trailed lower until his fingers were stroking the soft curls between her legs.

“I need you, Grayson,” she whispered.

He eased one finger into her moist folds. “Open your legs, honey.”

She did as he asked, and he slipped his hand further between her thighs, finding her slick and responsive to his touch. It was as if they’d been together for months. Deeper he probed, inserting one finger into her pussy, then withdrawing and returning with two fingers.

Gillian’s breathing grew heavy as her hips moved against his hand. Grayson smiled as he bent his head and took her breast in his mouth. As he did, he stroked her clit with his thumb. Her hips lifted off the bed. “Grayson!”

“You’re so responsive and wet for me, honey.” Grayson whispered against her breast.

He didn’t know how much longer he could keep control, her hip touching his was potent, and he found himself moving against her in response. He shifted his weight until he was lying between her spread legs, the head of his shaft poised at her entrance. Grayson entered her slowly, retreating and advancing a little at a time. Over and over again, he repeated the motion. Suddenly, she arched her back, gripping the sheets with her fingers, her legs wrapping around his waist. They moved in unison; their moans filling the air.

Gillian’s body began to convulse around him, her tight sheath gripping him, milking him again and again as she shook and shuddered. Waves of passion rolled down his spine when he released his seed inside her quivering pussy.

Grayson slowly moved off of her and collapsed onto the pillow next to Gillian. Pulling her close to his side, his thoughts drifted to why he was still in town…and it was all because of her. Now he wished they had more time together because she was making it harder for him to leave.

Excerpt 2:

Gillian was in the kitchen making sandwiches for Grayson, when the doorbell rang. She hadn’t bothered getting dressed because she knew they would be spending most of his last day in town in her bed. She saw his shirt still hung on one of the kitchen table chairs so she quickly slipped into it and padded to the front door.

She opened up the door only to see no one standing there. Then her eyes went to the ground. A large, flat box was sitting by the front door. She wondered what it could be because she didn’t remember ordering anything through the mail. Gillian bent down to pick it up to bring it inside. There was no mistake. The label had her name on it. No return label. That’s odd. Maybe it’s a gift from Grayson? Why would he be sending me something now?

She wished Grayson would hurry up and get out of the shower so she could open it up in front of him. Not able to stand it much longer she began ripping the tape off. Inside there was white tissue paper covering whatever was inside. Just when she started to place her hand inside, she heard Grayson.

“Thought I heard the doorbell. What’s in the package?”

“You didn’t have to buy me a gift, Grayson.” Gillian started to remove the tissue paper.

“I didn’t.”

Gillian pulled out a black boxer brief with a gray waistband. “Oh, I guess this package was meant for you. Wonder why my name’s on it?” she held out the underwear and dangled it in front of his face.

“Those aren’t mine, Gillian.”

She noticed his set face; his clamped mouth and fixed eyes. Her eyes traveled down his body, “You have the same pair on right now.”

“Yes, but those aren’t mine,” he pointed to the underwear she held, “Someone is messing with you. I haven’t seen anyone except my mother and, of course you. Is there more in the box?”

“Only a big envelope addressed to me.” She was suddenly anxious to escape from his disturbing presence.

“Want me to open it for you? You’re shaking.”

As casually as Gillian could manage, she asked. “Why? Do you already know what’s in here?”

“No, I see you’re upset and I’m trying to help is all.”

“I was doing just fine before you came back here, then you show up and I’m hearing all these rumors about you and now this.”

Gillian unsealed the flap of the envelope and looked inside. There must’ve been at least five photos, the top one showing Grayson naked and handcuffed to a bed. The blonde on top of him had her head slightly turned looking over her shoulder.

She pulled the photos out of the envelope. In every one of them Grayson was with the same blonde. The last one showed her riding him hard, her long blonde hair flowing down her back, his hands on her hips like he was guiding her on his hard shaft. Sudden anger raced through her body. She was furious at her vulnerability when he was around. “I think you need to leave. I’ve seen enough. Don’t wait another ten years before you see your mother again.”

“Gillian, let me have a look.” He stammered in bewilderment as he glanced at each one. “The guy in the photo isn’t me. I swear!”

He had a fiery, angry look which was unfamiliar to her. “You must have a twin then, because it sure as hell looks like you!” Gillian shoved the photos into his face.

Gillian started to walk past him and in one forward motion she was in his arms, twisting to get free. She was breathless with rage, her nostrils flared with fury.

“Baby, listen to me,” he whispered into her hair. “Those photos could’ve been fixed. Someone is trying to hurt you for some reason and I’m going to find out why.”

She only half-listened as she struggled harder to get free.

“Gillian I’m not going tomorrow. I’ll stay until we find this person, I swear.”

“I don’t need you to help me. I wish to hell you’d never come back. My life was almost near perfect…and now you’ve messed it up.” She felt his shocked movement and was able to break free from his arms. Gillian glanced at his face before leaving the room and saw an inexplicable look of withdrawal come across his face.

Interview with Hero Elliott from Owning the Desire

Jodi: Welcome Elliott. Thanks for stopping by today, I know you’re a very busy guy.


Elliott: Yes, I do keep busy with the store and Laney gets most of my attention these days.


Jodi: So tell us a little about yourself. Laney is your wife right?


Elliott: Yes, I’ve been married to my beautiful wife, Laney for 13 years. We’ve had some problems lately but we are working on them. We live in a small town called Dalton, population 253 residents. We live by Dalton Creek; it’s a beautiful place to live. Most of our neighbors seem have the same lifestyle as we do.


Jodi: What do you mean by same Lifestyle?

Elliott: Laney is a Domme and I’m a submissive I belong to a group on line for male subs. That is how I met Matt, Kyle, Kane and Lucas. A lot more members have joined recently but haven’t met them yet. Our town sheriff Liam is a submissive I’ve heard.


Jodi: Interesting. So tell me more about your marriage. I read that for your anniversary Laney rented a stripper pole and surprised you. Bet you loved that.


Elliott: Yes, I was in shock at first, she had told me it was something she never wanted to do. It was a fantasy of mine, and I asked her to at least think about it. We had a fight before I had to leave town on business. I was gone three weeks and could never get a hold of her to tell Laney I was sorry. Turns out during the time I was gone, she had taken lessons not only in the pole dancing but also in female domination.  Laney found a list of my fantasies while I was away and fulfilled them all on our anniversary. I love that woman.


Jodi: I read that Laney learned from a 60 year old Domme named Mavis. From what I’ve read of your story she sure is a funny one. I just can’t picture a 60 year old on a stripper pole.

Elliott: Laney calls Mavis her aunt. She saved our marriage so to speak. I owe that woman a lot. It was kind of embarrassing how I first met her. Laney was mad at me for taking calls on our anniversary dinner night. When we got back home I was punished for it. You’ll have to read the rest of it in the book. I still turn red thinking about it.


Jodi: Glad things worked out well for you. I know the readers will love the story as much as I did. Oh I have one more question before you leave. Have you ever shaved off your beard before?

Elliott: No, Laney won’t allow me to shave it off. She loves the feel of it between her thighs. At least that is what she tells me. Thanks for having me here today.  Please tell the readers hello from me.


New Audio's by Jodi Olson-Coming this summer

Coming Soon: From A Distance by Jodi Olson

            “Honey, you know what will happen if I stay, and it sure in hell doesn’t involve either one of us sleeping.”

“I know, just… Let me have this one night with you. I know you’re leaving the day after tomorrow, but I need this.”

Clothes littered the floor on the way to the bedroom. Grayson leisurely made love to Gillian’s mouth at first. Her mouth was warm and sweet, she tasted good. She moaned against his lips when Grayson’s hands dropped to her bare shoulders.

Grayson took one of her hands in his, wrapped her small fingers around his hard cock, holding her hand there with light pressure. “Honey, I’m not going to last much longer if you keep doing that.”

Gillian’s fingertips stroked up, down and around his cock and he shuddered, feeling pleasure all along his spine.

With one hand on her waist, he gathered her close with his other arm and pressed against her soft hip. He kissed her gently while running his hands from her waist to her breasts and down again.

She whimpered as his kiss deepened.

His hand slid across her belly, stroking her velvety soft skin. With each movement, he trailed lower until his fingers were stroking the soft curls between her legs.

“I need you, Grayson,” she whispered.

He eased one finger into her moist folds. “Open your legs, honey.”

She did as he asked, and he slipped his hand further between her thighs, finding her slick and responsive to his touch. It was as if they’d been together for months. Deeper he probed, inserting one finger into her pussy, then withdrawing and returning with two fingers.

Gillian’s breathing grew heavy as her hips moved against his hand. Grayson smiled as he bent his head and took her breast in his mouth. As he did, he stroked her clit with his thumb. Her hips lifted off the bed. “Grayson!”

No Ordinary Cowboy by Marin Thomas

Looking For Redemption… Lucy Durango can't ever bring back her brother, killed in a drunk driving accident. But she's doing her best to honor his memory and to atone for her part in his death. She also can't seem to stop her feelings for Tony Bravo, the cowboy who broke her heart the same night her brother died. But if she gets close to Tony again, she risks losing her whole family this time—because they blame Tony for their tragic loss. As a U.S. border agent, Tony sees his fair share of danger. But nothing stops his heart like seeing Lucy once more. Her family's anger toward Tony meant he and Lucy lost any future together. But Lucy has a hold on his heart again…and he's not at all sure he wants to let go of her this time.

A cowboy's Duty by Marin Thomas

Hello, Gavin."
The saccharine voice raised a warning flag inside Gavin Tucker's head. Bracing himself, he stepped away from the bucking chute at the Piney Gorge Rodeo and faced Veronica Patriot with a groan. "Veronica." The woman took buckle bunnying to a whole new level. She'd been pursuing Gavin since he'd joined the circuit back in May after he'd left the army. The middle of August had arrived and the blonde piranha showed no signs of tiring. Gavin adjusted the spurs on his boots, hoping she'd take his silence as a hint and mosey along. At first, he'd found Veronica's infatuation amusing. He'd become accustomed to pretty women fawning over him whenever he'd worn his military uniform and the same held true for his cowboy getup—Wranglers, boots and a Stetson. Gavin's ability to attract the opposite sex had come in handy during his furloughs from the army. One look at his combat boots and women had fallen into his bed willingly. He'd honed his survival skills on the battlefield and used them to pick ladies who wanted nothing from him but a good time and a goodbye. A sixth sense told him that Veronica had more on her mind than a quickie. "You don't appear all that happy to see your biggest fan." She puckered her glossy lips. A weaker man might tuck tail and run, but Gavin wasn't easily intimidated. "I'm not interested in hooking up." Ever. "Did you and Dixie have a spat?" Dixie Cash. The petite brunette hadn't crossed Gavin's mind since the morning he'd dropped her off in the parking lot of the Spittoon bar last month. He fought a smile as he recalled the first time he'd caught a glimpse of her—climbing onto a bull named Listless at the Canyon City Rodeo back in June. For an instant he'd seen in her a kindred spirit when Listless had thrown her. Dixie had limped from the arena with a smile on her pixie face as if she'd had the time of her life wrestling fifteen-hundred pounds of orneriness, then she'd stumbled over his gear bag and right into his arms. Her face had burned red and he'd thought her embarrassment oddly sweet. "Dixie's a friend." Friend sounded better than one-night stand. "I can be that kind of friend, too." Veronica's gaze dropped to Gavin's crotch. His face heated—not because of Veronica's lewd stare. He'd made a mistake when he'd crossed the line with Dixie, yet he'd had no choice but to move on and put that night behind him. Short of being mean, Gavin said, "Pick another cowboy. I'm not interested in what you're offering." "When you tire of your little bull rider and decide you want a real woman, I'll be waiting." One of Gavin's competitors let out a wolf whistle as Veronica strutted off. "I wouldn't complain if she followed me through the copper state." "Careful what you wish for," Gavin mumbled. Now that he was rid of the annoying buckle bunny he checked the arena for Dixie. He recognized Shannon Douglas mingling behind the chutes with a few of the lady bull riders from the Boot Hill Rodeo, but Dixie was nowhere in sight. She'd probably viewed their one-night stand as a mistake, too, and wanted to avoid running into him. Turning his thoughts inward, Gavin focused on his ride as he secured his protective vest. After wearing bulletproof gear as part of his military uniform, he felt comfortable in the constricting rodeo garment. "Welcome to the Piney Gorge Rodeo and Livestock Show!" A thunderous din reverberated through the small outdoor arena. Gavin loved rodeo fans. The men and women were die-hard loyalists to the sport much the way soldiers were dedicated to their units. "Up next this fine Saturday afternoon is bareback riding! Bareback horses are leaner and quicker than those used for saddle bronc riding and the cowboys sure do take a beating in this event." The announcer paused. A commotion in the cowboy ready area caught Gavin's attention. The Cash brothers had arrived. Dixie had mentioned that her mother had named her siblings after country-western singers. Right then Johnny, the eldest Cash brother, spotted Gavin. The speculative gleam in the man's eyes unnerved him. Had Dixie told Johnny she'd spent the night with Gavin in his motel room? He and Dixie hadn't made a big deal over sleeping together. He'd enjoyed—make that had really enjoyed—making love to Dixie, but the country girl wasn't his usual type. The things he'd seen and experienced during his years in the military would only contaminate a young woman as pure as Dixie. Johnny broke eye contact first, and Gavin shook his head to clear his thoughts. Today he intended to make it to eight. Luck hadn't been with him this summer—the highest he'd placed was fourth. If he didn't get his rodeo act together and pull off a few wins, he'd eat through his savings in no time flat and be forced to find a civilian job. Having to quit the circuit before he was ready was all the motivation Gavin needed to climb onto another wild bronc. "Ladies and gentlemen, turn your attention to chute number three. Gavin Tucker from Phoenix, Arizona, is about to tangle with Cisco Kid, a bronc known for throwin' cowboys on their heads. Let's see if Tucker can best Cisco Kid." Gavin blocked out the arena noise as he fussed with his rigging—a heavy piece of leather with a suitcaselike handle attached to it. He flexed his gloved fingers until his grip felt comfortable. A deep breath later, he nodded and Cisco Kid bolted from the chute. Gavin marked out, ignoring the jolting pain shooting through his shoulder caused by the gelding's powerful bucks and lightning speed. The racket inside Gavin's head quieted as the thrill of the physical torture the horse inflicted rushed through his body. Cisco Kid made a final attempt to spin but Gavin spurred harder and the bronc gave up. Feeling a victory at hand, he relaxed his guard too soon and Cisco Kid tossed him on his arse. Gavin missed the buzzer by one second. Back in the cowboy ready area he gathered his gear. This time he spotted Veronica before she startled him. "Change your mind about me?" She'd brought a friend along—a redhead with glittery eye shadow. "Candi's up for a little fun," Veronica said. A threesome? No thanks. Even in his wildest days, Gavin had never gotten into the kinky stuff. Call him old-fashioned, but one woman at a time was plenty. "Sorry, Veronica—" he swung his gaze to glitter girl "—and Candi. Gotta hit the road." A ride in Wicken-burg awaited him. Candi popped a pink bubble with her chewing gum. "Maybe next time?" Not a chance. He touched a finger to the brim of his hat then grabbed his bag and left the arena. The sooner he put a few miles between him and those two the better. An hour down the road, Gavin noticed a billboard advertising Millie's World Famous Hotcakes. He took the exit ramp and pulled into a parking lot crowded with eighteen-wheelers. Gavin found an empty stool at the end of the lunch counter. He rested his hat on his knee and flipped over the white mug in front of him. A gray-haired waitress named Peggy strolled by with a coffeepot and filled the cup. "Didn't make it to eight?" She offered a sympathetic smile. "Not today." Not in a long while. "You ain't alone, handsome." Peggy nodded to a table where three cowboys sat, one with an ice pack strapped to his shoulder. "Special's barbecue ribs and corn bread." "That'll do." While he waited for his meal he mulled over his schedule. The Wickenburg rodeo had a decent purse. If he made the final go-round he'd be guaranteed a share of the prize money. If he lost…he'd head down the road. A self-admitted rodeo junkie, Gavin got high on the buzz and danger of riding bucking stock. Feeding his adrenaline addiction was his number one priority because it fueled his strength—strength he needed to run from the demons that had followed him home from war. "How was the rodeo?" Dixie asked her brother Johnny when he walked into the kitchen of their grandparents' farmhouse early Saturday evening. She was dying for news about a particular bareback rider, but as soon as her brothers had returned from the Piney Gorge Rodeo they'd gone to their bedrooms to nap. "Merle made it to the final round before getting thrown." Johnny grabbed a beer from the fridge, then sat at the kitchen table. "Shannon said she hopes your ankle feels better soon." Dixie's cheeks warmed. She'd discovered she was pregnant two weeks after the Boot Hill Rodeo in July. She'd hated to disappoint Shannon and give up the third thousand-dollar payoff, but she hadn't dared risk the baby's health. She'd told Shannon and the other women about her pregnancy but had asked that they keep it a secret and to tell anyone who inquired after her whereabouts that she'd sprained her ankle—the excuse she'd given her brothers when she'd told them she wasn't competing today. "Anything else exciting happen at the rodeo?" she asked. "Depends on what you consider exciting." "I suppose Veronica Patriot was there." Dixie fussed with the dishes in the sink while contemplating her dilemma—how to glean information about a certain cowboy without drawing her brother's suspicion. "Veronica's hot on Gavin Tucker's tail." Johnny chuckled. "He got thrown in the first round then split." "Did Veronica leave the rodeo with Gavin?" Drat, the question slipped from her mouth. "Why do you care if Tucker went off with Veronica?" "I don't." After Dixie had spent the night in Gavin's motel room she'd returned to the farm the following morning and confessed...

Arizona Cowboy by Marin Thomas

Rachel Lewis is a bona fide city slicker. Still, when her estranged father asks for her help, she ends up in dusty Stagecoach, Arizona, to manage his rodeo company for the summer. Being clueless about rough stock is nothing, though, compared to the confused feelings Rachel has for sexy ranch foreman Clint McGraw…because he's also her main competitor for her father's affections. Clint can hardly believe it when his boss hands over the reins to his long-gone daughter. What the heck does a spoiled city girl like Rachel know about rodeo? Why, she's crazy enough to offer a competition event to women bull riders! And for sure she's going to nudge her way back into her father's heart—leaving Clint high and dry. Even so, he can't help falling hard for Rachel. But only one of them can be the head honcho of this round-up!

A Rodeo Man's Promise by Marin Thomas

Hot, Young Cowboy… Winning dominated Riley Fitzgerald's mind…until the day he met Maria Alvarez. Now, all the rodeo champ can think about is winning Maria's heart—a task that may be tougher than busting broncs. Beautiful, Older Teacher… As a struggling teacher of at-risk teens in an impoverished, gang-infested neighborhood, Maria doesn't trust the affections of a rich, hot-shot cowboy, especially one who's ten years her junior. But she can't deny the attraction between them—and luckily, Riley's never been one to back down from a challenge. Is She Out Of Her Mind? There's only one thing that's more important to Riley than earning another world title, and that's earning Maria's trust. He's got one chance to prove to Maria that he's all the man she'll ever need, and she's the only woman he'll ever want.

The Bull Rider's Secret by Marin Thomas

Brody Murphy lives one day—one ride—at a time. No home, no responsibility, no one depending on him. As long as the bull rider keeps moving, he can keep it that way. But when Brody meets Ricky Sovo and his mother, rancher Katarina, he finds himself lingering in one place for the first time in years. Kat's unlike any woman he's ever known—feisty, stubborn and determined to make it on her own. But that independent streak has gotten her in trouble with a couple of local ranch hands. She needs Brody's help. Only, helping means sticking around, and that's not something Brody can do. For Kat makes him want more from life, more than he feels he deserves. She may be his only chance at accepting his past…but he's not sure he can ever stop running from it.

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Rodeo Daddy by Marin Thomas

The day Hallie Sutton dreaded has finally come. Drew Rawlins has found out the secret she's been keeping—and he's spitting mad! But the rodeo is Drew's whole world and Hallie needs a full-time dad for their boy. Still, how can she deny the injured bronc rider the chance to get to know his son? All Drew wants is to carve out a place in his son's life. Sorting out his feelings for Hallie isn't as simple. The emotion simmering between them is just as strong—so's the red-hot desire that got them into trouble five years ago. Winning the world championship is still number one on Drew's list. But he figures he can have it all. The title and the chance to prove he's the man Hallie and Nick need.

Bare It All by Lori Foster

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Thoughts on Novella vs the Longer Novels

Just read an article on the short and sweet Appeal of the Romance Novella.

These type of books are on the rise compared to the longer ones and I love that.

For me a book that is around 15k is plenty. I write between 7k to 17k so far. I hear all the time books are too long nowadays and I agree with what readers are saying.

I read a lot of books when I'm not writing. I support a lot of authors, more then anyone knows. But I no longer have the time to read a 40k plus book anymore, and i also find there is always too my fluff/filler not needed in those books.

In my writing I focus more on the hero and his love interest. That is how it should be. Don't need a lot of subplots or  I get bored. I want to read more about the couple.

I was in a chat four days ago.  When it came to my turn ,I read comments saying that since my books are so short they should be free. Are you kidding me? I take months to write  those books and I work hard on each one that I write. It really bugged me to hear some of the things that were said to me.

Maybe those that showed up for the chat don't like short books, which is fine. But there are plenty of readers I hear from that love them over the long ones.

I personally love the shorter ones, and I will continue writing them and reading them over the longer ones.

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Night Owl review chat tonight

I will be giving away a copy of the first book in a long BDSM series.

Most of the couples will be married or at least already living together. Unless something changes.  The books will have M/F, M/M, M/F/M

Even in the M/F/M the one male will be a sub to keep it all a male sub series.

This will tell you a blurb. Also this series will all be going audio as well as ebook.

Millionaire in a Stetson by Barbara Dunlop

Keep your secrets under lock and key One woman has the power to destroy his family and Sawyer Layton is out to stop her. Even if it means the millionaire must don a Stetson and track Niki Gerard all the way to Colorado. But he didn't count on the gorgeous Niki having trouble of her own. She's hiding out on her family's ranch, desperate to find her mother's scandalous diary—the same diary Sawyer's after. Worse still, she's quicker to the truth. Cover blown, there's only one option left: work with Niki—and try to keep his hands to himself.

In His Brother's Place by Elizabeth Lane

Santa Fe, New Mexico
"You're sure about the boy—and his mother?" Jordan's grip tightened on the phone. "You're the one who has to be sure, Mr. Cooper." The private investigator's voice was as flat as a digitized recording. "The packet's on its way to your ranch by courier—birth certificate, hospital records, the mother's address and several discreet photos. Once you've seen everything, you can draw your own conclusion. If you need follow-up—" "No, there'll be nothing else. I'll transfer your fee as soon as I've seen the documents." Jordan ended the call with a click. The packet would be arriving from Albuquerque within the hour. If his hunch was right, it would hold enough legal and emotional dynamite to blast his wellordered world into chaos. Stepping away from the desk, he stared out the window of his study, which commanded a vista of open ranchland stretching toward the horizon. In the distance, the San-gre de Cristo Mountains, rich with autumn color, glimmered in the November sunlight. This was Cooper land, as it had been for more than a hundred years. When his mother died it would pass to him as the sole surviving heir of the family trust. He was the last Cooper heir—or so he'd thought. But if the report confirmed what he suspected… Jordan turned away from the window, leaving the thought unfinished. It wasn't too late to back off, he reminded himself. When the packet arrived, he could burn the damned thing unopened or shove it through the shredder. But he'd only be destroying paper. Nothing could erase the memory of Angelina Montoya or change the reality of what she'd done to his family. Especially now. Jordan's eyes shifted toward the far wall, bare except for a group of framed family photos. The largest showed two young men grinning over a stringer of freshly caught rainbow trout. Their features were so nearly identical that a visitor would've been hard pressed to tell which was Jordan and which was his twin brother, Justin. When the picture was taken the two had still been close. Three years later, Justin had fallen for dark-eyed Angie Montoya, hostess in an upscale Mexican restaurant off the Plaza. His determination to marry her had torn the family apart. Convinced the woman was a gold digger, Jordan and his parents had taken every action they could think of to separate the couple. The resulting schism between the brothers had never had a chance to heal. Rushing home from a ski trip on the eve of Angie's birthday, Justin had flown his Cirrus SR22 plane into a storm and crashed into a Utah mountain. Grief had dragged Jordan's father into an early grave and made a bitter old woman of his mother. As for Angie Montoya, she had simply vanished—until last week when, after nearly four years, Jordan had come across her name. Searching further, he'd found a picture that had him on the phone within the hour with the best private investigator in the state. He'd wanted answers, and now he was about to get them. The report would almost surely confirm what Jordan had suspected. Angelina Montoya had not only stolen Justin from his family—she had stolen Justin's son. Albuquerque "You've been working hard on that picture, Lucas." Angie swiveled her chair away from the bedroom computer hutch to give her son her full attention. "Why don't you tell me about it?" Lucas held out the drawing—three lopsided stick figures sketched in crayon on a sheet of copy paper. "It's our family. This short one is me. This one with long black hair is you." "And who's this, up here at the top?" Anticipating the answer, Angie felt her throat tighten. "That's Daddy, up in heaven. He's looking out for us, just like you said." "That's right. Do you want to put this picture on the fridge to remind us?" "Okay." Clutching his masterpiece, the boy scampered down the hall toward the tiny kitchen. Angie gulped back a surge of emotion. It wasn't easy, living with daily reminders of Justin. But she'd wanted to make sure Lucas didn't feel fatherless. She kept Justin's framed portrait at the boy's bedside and an album of snapshots on the bookshelf, within his reach. His small fingers had worn the pages thin at the corners. Most of the photos showed Justin and Angie together or Justin alone. There were no pictures of Justin's family. After the way they'd treated her, she wanted nothing to do with any of them—especially Jordan. It was Jordan who'd come on her birthday to bring the news of Justin's death. He hadn't said much, but Jordan's manner had made his feelings clear. Weeks earlier, the family had offered her fifty thousand dollars to walk away from Justin. If she'd taken it, Justin would still be alive. Angie would never forget the bitterness in those contemptuous gray eyes. How could two brothers who looked so much alike be so different? Justin had been warm and loving, quick to laugh and quick to forgive. The thought of Jordan conjured up words like cold, judgmental, mercenary… And manipulative. She'd had firsthand experience with that particular trait of his. The sound of the door buzzer broke into her thoughts. "I'll get it!" Lucas called. "Stop right there, mister. You know better." Striding into the living room, she scooped him up in her arms. Their cramped two-bedroom apartment was affordable, but the neighborhood wasn't the best. When someone came to the door, Angie made it a rule to send Lucas to his room until she knew the situation was safe. Maybe by next year, if her web design business continued to grow, she'd have the money to rent a small house with a fenced yard. Until then. The doorbell buzzed again, twice. Setting Lucas on his play rug, Angie closed the bedroom door and hurried back down the hall. She didn't get many visitors here, and she certainly wasn't expecting company. Any unexpected knock tended to raise her suspicions. Jordan tensed as the light, rapid footsteps approached. Seeing Angie again was bound to be awkward as hell. Maybe he should have sent somebody else first—someone who could assess the situation without putting the woman on her guard. But no, whatever waited on the other side of that door, he was duty-bound to face up to it. He needed to do the right thing—for his family legacy, for his brother's memory…even for Angie, if time had mellowed out her stubborn streak enough to let her see reason. The dead bolt slid back. The latch clicked. Jordan held his breath as the door opened to the width allowed by the security chain. Eyes the hue of rich black coffee stared up at him—eyes framed by lush, feathery lashes. Jordan had almost forgotten how stunning those eyes could be. He watched them widen, then narrow suspiciously. "What do you want, Jordan?" Her husky little voice, taut with strain, pricked his memory. "For starters, I'd like to come in." "Why?" She made no move to unfasten the chain. It seemed her stubborn streak hadn't mellowed in the slightest. "So I won't have to stand out here and talk to you through this blasted door." "I can't imagine we'd have anything worth saying to each other." Jordan's thin-drawn patience snapped. "You have a choice, Angie," he growled. "Let me in so we can talk like civilized people, or I'll shout loud enough to be heard all over the building. Either way, I'm not leaving until you hear what I came to say." He paused, reminding himself that it wouldn't do any good to threaten her. "Who knows," he added, "this might be something you'll want to hear." He braced himself for a stinging retort. Instead, she simply closed the door. Jordan waited in the silence. Seconds crawled past before he heard the rattle of the chain. Slowly the door swung open. He willed himself to look at the apartment first. The living room was bright and clean, the walls freshly painted, the slipcovered sofa decorated with red, blue and yellow cushions. But the place didn't look much bigger than one of Jordan's horse stalls. The building itself was run down with no security system at all—anyone could walk in off the street, as he had done. And he had seen what was outside—the loitering teens, the gang graffiti on the walls. If this was the best Angie could afford, she had to be struggling financially. There was no sign of her son. Only a battered copy of Goodnight Moon on the coffee table betrayed the presence of a child in the apartment. She would've put the boy out of sight, of course. Maybe that was the reason she'd taken so long to undo the chain latch. As he stepped inside, closing the door behind him, Angie moved into Jordan's line of vision. She was dressed in a simple black tee and faded jeans that fit her shapely body without being provocatively tight. Her dark hair fell past her shoulders in silky waves. Her feet were bare, the toenails painted a soft baby pink. She was still seductively beautiful. But Jordan had been aware of that even before his brother fell in love with her—and afterward, too. He braced himself against the replay of that unguarded moment in his car, the taste of her tears, the willing heat of her ripe mouth, the sinuous fit of her curves in his arms. It had been a mistake—one that hadn't been repeated. He'd done his best to block the memory. But forgetting a woman like Angie was easier said than done. He cleared his throat. "Aren't you going to ask me to sit down?" "There's room on the sofa." She was clearly ill at ease. He imagined she would have liked to settle herself in a chair on the other side of the room, but aside from the couch, there was nowhere else to sit other than the floor. After Jordan had taken his seat, she perched on the padded arm at the far e...

Bet on A Cowboy by Julie Benson

Commitment phobic Colorado cowboy Griffin McAlister has it all figured out. Do the reality dating show, get the money his family desperately needs and go on with his life. Actually falling in love was never part of the deal…least of all falling in love with the show's spunky director.

Maggie Sullivan knows she's found a star the minute she meets Griffin. But as she gets to know the man behind the dimples, she realizes she might have found something more. It doesn't matter, though; she has a job to do. Besides, how could he ever notice her while he's busy wooing ten gorgeous women?

Now Griffin has a choice to make: stick with the plan and lose Maggie forever, or risk everything for a chance to win her heart!

Callie's reckoning by Mary Wehr

Callie Shaw was all set to enter into a Head of the Household marriage with Brandon Clay. What lady could refuse to be disciplined by the tall, hot, sexy lawyer? But first she needed to put her boss in his place. Her suspicions were all she had to go on but she wouldn’t rest until she found proof and Harry Bailey ended up in jail for sexual harassment.

Brandon was up to his neck in trouble and one tiny redhead with shocking green eyes possessed the tendency to get under his skin. He’d let things slide to far. But when Callie puts her safety on the line, Brandon intends to show her who’s boss.

Burn for Cowboy by jenna Howard

Meredith Heaven is his and dominant Mike Rossi is going to do whatever it takes to keep her. He's in Calgary during the Stampede to rope himself some clients for his sports agency, but mostly he's convincing Meri that her future and heart belong to him.

He wanted inside her. He needed to be inside her.

Quickly, he stripped himself of his jeans and moved between her open legs. Her breathing changed and her hips lifted in a silent plea. Mike gazed at her, taking a mental picture.

She was everything he had ever wanted in life. He wished he were the same for her. He wished he had found her first as opposed to whomever it was who had broken her heart. That he had been the one to imprint upon her heart so that it was only him.

Selfish, but true.

Reaching up, he eased the tie from her mouth and heard his name in a raspy whisper. He leaned over her, bracing his hands on the ties. She moaned at the added pressure on her wrists. "Tell me what you want, little love."

"You," she whispered. "You."

His gaze moved over her face, her eyes hidden from him. He wished he believed her. He wished it were him she wanted. "Then who am I to deny you anything?"

A Rake in London Bundle by Lee Brazil

Pulp Friction: Heated Exchange…Leaving you Satisfied For Now

# 1 The Aristocrat & His Servant
Gavin, Baron Stephenson is an aristocrat accustomed to taking his pleasures where he will, but he always comes home to his oldest friend, his dearest lover, his servant Marcus.

WARNING: The Aristocrat & His Servant is a 5,500-word erotic story of lovers indulging in light-hearted banter and little afternoon frolic. This is Book One in a Series recounting the sensual adventures of Baron Stephenson and his lover, Marcus Jennings.

#2 A Debt of Honor: Collected
Having won a sum of money at the gambling tables, Gavin, Baron Stephenson, is anxious to collect on the debt. He suspects that Bernard St. John hasn’t the funds to pay, and intends to offer the man a method of settling up that he hopes will satisfy them both.

WARNING: This 5,000 word short story, the second in a series detailing the amorous adventurous of a Rake of the London aristocracy, contains a touch of dishonor, a smattering of blackmail, a healthy dose of homoerotica, and a not so innocent victim.

#3 A Visit to His Tailor
Having triumphed with his blackmail attempt, Gavin rejoins his beloved manservant to recount his adventure only to find that the man is intent on a sartorial make-over. The trip to the tailor is just the start of an all new erotic adventure for the lovers.

WARNING: This Regency era short story contains homoerotic sex acts, sounding, voyeurism and just a touch of yearning for a different world.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Endless Heart by Emma Lang

She’s learning to live. He’s forgotten how. Love will be their teacher.

Heart, Book 3

Lettie Brown has lived in the shadow of violence. After escaping her brutal past, she’s finally at home in Forestville, Wyoming, where she would live a normal life—if she knew how. She’s content working at The Blue Plate and printing the town newspaper, if not happy. Then a stranger stumbles into her world and turns everything upside down.

Shane Murphy is a shell of a man, destroyed by the aftermath of the war, his personal tragedies and a penchant for cheap whiskey. When he lands, literally, on Lettie’s feet, his future takes a hard right turn.

As they fumble through a relationship that should not have been, a deep love takes root, one that cannot be denied. Together they discover a bond as unbreakable as steel and as undeniable as life itself—until the past rears its ugly head and threatens the happiness they’ve found in each other.

Warning: Get ready for a deep, intense love story that will leave you crying, cheering, shouting, squirming and sighing. Prepare for a hero who needs to be held, a heroine who needs to be loved, and a story that needs to be told.