Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My interview with Neal Riley from Getting Wild

Jodi : Hello Neal, I must say did you wear those nice fitten jeans just for me?

Neal: (Big gin) Why of course, also heard alot of woman like a guy in tight fitten jeans and I aim to please.

Jodi:Tell the reader’s things they’d like to know about you.

Neal: Love the scent of vanilla on a female, Brunettes get me excited, I could spend hours just using my tongue. I did bartending weekends before working full time at The Swollen Pussy strip club.

Jodi: Do you have any siblings?

Neal: Yes, Nathan is my older brother, he owns the club and has his own story Seduction the Riley Way.

Jodi: What made you want to take a job as a bartender in a strip club?

Neal: Nathan called me asking for help and I wanted a change of scenery so I thought why not. Then I thought about woman stripping and got on a plane quickly. LOL

Jodi: What do you look like? What are you most comfortable wearing?

Neal: Have very short brown hair, dark brown eyes, have a goatee. I’m over 6 feet and 30 years old.
What do I like wearing? Well if I have to wear anything at all, I would say my jeans mostly. If I didn’t have to tend bar and could stay at home my boxer briefs or even better nothing at all.

Jodi: What do you look for in a woman?

Neal: I like all types of woman but my favorite would have to be brunettes, they tend to get me really hot. I also like woman who have curves, no stick types for me. She must also give me a strip tease any time I want one. That always gets me excited. I also like older woman. I protect the woman I’m with and give her everything she wants and more.

Jodi: I heard that one night The Swollen Pussy did a special staring male strippers and you were the main attraction, is that true?

Neal: Yes, it’s true. (Grinning) I really got the woman worked up that night. Some even tossed me their phone numbers. The woman sure can scream.

Jodi: There are some woman love a guy with tattoos, do you have any and if so what are they?

Neal: Yes, I have two tigers on my back that are mating. Underneath it says Getting Wild in black letters.

Jodi: I heard that you have a fantasy about libraries tell us about it.

Neal: Let’s just say the fantasy involves a woman, it’s nice and quiet then all of a sudden; she’s having one heck of an orgasm.

Jodi: Wow, I love the answer you give to these questions Neal.The ladies will love you.

Neal: Thanks for asking me to do this interview and I hope the ladies enjoy Getting Wild. Check out my brothers book too ladies.

Jodi: Neal can you stay around for awhile or do you need to go?

Neal: I can stay around if you'd like.

Jodi: Great.