Sunday, July 26, 2009

Romance Divine

had released Madam Bree and The Sheriff today on their site. Still releasing at amazon kindle and on friday.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blurb and Excerpt for Madam Bree and the Sheriff

Title: Madame Bree and the Sheriff
Publish Date: 31 July 2009
ISBN: 978-1-934446-56-0

Author: Jodi Olson
Format: E-book

Length: 7,419 words

Genre: Romance

Category: Erotic / Western

Price: E-Book: $3.99


Sheriff Caleb Dalton has everything under control in his sleepy western town. Well, everything except renegade Blake Tanner-and Caleb’s yearning for local brothel owner Madame Bree-and one troublesome goat. It’s always romance and mayhem with Madame Bree and the Sheriff.

Excerpt 1:

“Your house is lovely, Sheriff,” Bree swiveled her head, “how many more rooms are there?”
“There’s only one room left to see and we’re going there now,” he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.
The pad of his thumb traced her bottom lip as he placed her on her feet, then he reached for the ribbon that held her braid together.. His fingers ran through her brown hair and he pulled, giving it a little tug to make her mouth more accessible as her head fell backward. She’d been waiting for this day forever; the day he finally kissed her.
Bree melted into his embrace, I must be dreaming. She leaned into him; his chest pressed hard against her breasts, her nipples pulled into tight, aching nubs. A whimper emanated from deep in her throat.
Caleb lowered his head, taking her lips in a demanding kiss, which set him on fire. She set off a hunger in him that heated his blood like molten lava. Little noises overflowed from her, and with each one he barely contained his control. His cock already ached from the thought of her naked in his arms, her soft breasts pressed against his bare chest, and her long legs wrapped around his waist. As his hand drifted to her ass, he growled, “You have me burning up with fever. Do you know what you do to me?”
It wasn’t long before he had Bree’s dress down around her ankles. From there he stripped her naked. Slowly, he took her nipple into his warm mouth. With his tongue and teeth, he teased and enticed her, stopping only long enough to switch to the other one.
“Don’t stop Caleb,” she said breathlessly, threading her hands in his hair to keep him there.
“Honey, I’m just getting started.”

Excerpt 2:

Caleb fought for five minutes trying to get the material out of the goat’s mouth, and on the last tug; he fell backwards onto the floor. He stood up, walked toward the bedroom, and when he got there he found Dee’s dress sticking out from underneath the bed.
When she died two years ago, Caleb had gotten rid of everything but that one dress. This dress was what he’d bought for her so she’d have something pretty to wear the day they married. She was beautiful the day of their wedding. He gently rubbed his hands over the dress fragment, Maybe it’s time there’s another woman in my life. Maybe that’s Bree?
He had to find Bree; he went back to the jail, “Dudley! Dudley!”
“Any sign of Bree?”
Dudley shook his head and looked at the floor, “Nope, not so far as I can tell, no one knows where she went. But…”
“What, c’mon deputy, out with it.”
“One of Blake’s saddle bums,” Dudley nodded in the direction of the saloon,” he’s been talkin’ over there ‘bout how Blake has somethin’ you want. I’m thinkin’ Blake might’ve rode off with Bree.”
“Let’s go,” Caleb walked to the door, stopping only to grab a scatter gun from its place on the wall.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Some Hot Men for another hot day

Madam Bree and the Sheriff

Don't you just love this cover? I think you'll enjoy this historical western. It's a short one but its packed with humor and some hot sex too.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pick up Dicks Game Contest

Answer the following questions by sending me an email to
Your name then will go into the drawing, then around 8 my time tonight I'll announce the winner. I might put this on my blog too but no other group.

1. Storm Mathews from Storm's Obsession-What does he do for a living?

2.Greg is the brother to which herione? Name the book too.

3.Spencer hates Christmas. Why?

4.Jennifer worked where?

5.Nicole Champagne lost her job and what else?