Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear John Teaser-Releasing July 29th

Alexis glanced around the room, noticing it only contained a queen size bed, a sofa and a large mirror. She’d never dressed up in a mistress costume before and had to admit she looked sexy. No panties under the short black skirt, also was something she’d never done before, and knew it’d drive John crazy.

What if John took one look at her and said he wasn’t going through with this whole fantasy stuff even if it depended on their marriage? What if he never showed up? She heard someone open the door slowly.

“Alexis, are you here?”

She stepped out from the curtain and stood in front of John. “Silence! Did I tell you to speak? If I want you to, I’ll tell you!” Before John could speak Alexis wrapped the whip around his waist.


“Stand at attention with your arms at your side. Don’t look at me.” She wanted to remind him about not talking but from the pained look on his face maybe she snapped the whip harder then she thought.

“Alexis, what has gotten into you? You have me so fucking hard right now, do you know that?”

Alexis made a snap with her whip. “I said don’t speak until I tell you to. This is your last warning.”

John indicated by a motion of his head that he was ready to obey.

“So, do you think you’re good enough to be my slave? She held the whip in one hand and was ready to snap it again as her eyes met John’s. “Strip so I can inspect the goods, strip slowly slave.”

John quickly removed his shirt and was about to unfasten his pants when he heard the snap of the whip next to him.

“Slaves obey their mistress. I said slowly.” Alexis walked over to the box where the whips were stored and put it back inside the box. Reaching for another she walked over to John. “When I snap my fingers, kneel slave!”

John immediately fell to his knees.


Sara Thacker said...

Okay, so yeah, that needed the new cover!!!

E. Jamie said...

Oh hell yes!