Friday, March 26, 2010

Office Play-Final installment

Her cheeks flamed red from embarrassment. Now she really wanted out of there but he’d probably punish her more if she did. “I guess I am. Do you have a problem with that?”“No I don’t sweetheart as long as I’m the one making you scream.”
“Why are you doing this to me, Ryan? What about all those other women I’ve seen you with over the last year?”
“I haven’t been with anyone in three months, none of them measure up to you. Kim, I can’t seem to get you out of my head. Maybe once I get you into my bed, things will change.” With that said, he walked into his office and closed the door.
What did he mean by that? She already knew she couldn’t compete with the type of woman Ryan usually went for. Tall blonde’s with fake boobs, even redheads; variety was Ryan Masters menu.

Ryan was more than ready to dish out Kim’s punishment and she was right on time. The building was empty now; everyone had left for the day and the cleaning crew wouldn’t be around for hours.
“Are you ready for your spanking, Kim? I want you to drop your skirt, take off your panties, and lay across my legs. Be quick about it or I’ll add more to your punishment.”
Timidly, she undressed the lower half of her body but when she didn’t move onto his lap, Ryan grabbed her and draped her on his lap. “You’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you?” His hard cock pressed against her stomach.
“Yes.” Kim whispered. Kim moaned as he rubbed and squeezed each of her ass cheeks. Slowly, he ran a finger down the crack of her ass to her pussy. Slap! He repeated on her other cheek. A whimper filled the air. Then Ryan stuck two fingers deep into her throbbing pussy. He moved his fingers in and out several times before smacking each butt cheek again. After each time spanking, he finger fucked her. Kim bucked wildly against his hand, sobbing as she did. Ryan caressed and squeezed her ass cheeks again before yet another spank. He plunged his fingers in her slit and strummed her clit until wave after wave came crashing down on her. She screamed from the intensity of her orgasm and he wrung as much out of her as possible. “I think that’s enough punishment for now. Get up and put your skirt back on. We’re going out for dinner, then you’re coming home with me for the night.” “What if I don’t want to go?”
“I think you want this as much as I do, honey.”
After dinner and several glasses of wine, Kim questioned Ryan about The Edge and he told her it was a club for single Masters who wanted to find their submissive. Then he told her he’d sold his share of the club because he was no longer single and it no longer interested him.
That was one year ago to this day when Ryan not only spanked her for the first time but asked her to marry him. Three weeks later, they were married, and she still gets spanked for being a bad, bad girl; just the way she likes it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Office Play -part 3 a free read

Kim was excited but embarrassed, seeing Ryan pleasure himself and she blushed a bright pink.
His cock was still semi-erect so she looked toward the filing cabinets while he zipped up. “I’m sorry, I thought I’d file these closed cases since you have no appointments.”
Should she laugh to ease the tension or leave and do the filing later? Ryan seemed a little unnerved but rightly so, she’d never walked in on this situation before. She wondered who he was thinking of and was this the first time he’d jacked off in the office?
Filing wasn’t one of her favorite chores so she thought why not have a little fun with it. Normally Ryan was out of the office when she filed; she could give him an eyeful. She bent over, opened the drawer, and placed the folder in the slot. She couldn’t contain the shiver when she felt his eyes watching her; then he spoke. “That nice, round ass was made for spanking. It was made for my hands to do the spanking.”
Kim closed her eyes when she stood; her panties were so soaked, she felt the juices run down her thigh. Her knees were about to buckle when a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist. He whipped her around to face him.
“Kiss me now, damn it!” Ryan’s fingers trailed down her neck, causing her to take a deep breath and become wetter between her thighs. Her lips parted as she raised herself to meet his kiss. He devoured her, plunging his tongue deep in her mouth. Blood pounded in her heart but she became so breathless her knees trembled.
Quickly her nipples hardened to pinpoints as he stroked his tongue down her neck, then further toward her breasts. Rapture was what she felt when his tongue lavished her sensitive, swollen nipples through her cream colored blouse. The blouse was so wet from his ministrations it was see through.
All of a sudden, he pushed her away. ”Now go back to your desk until everyone leaves for the night. Then come into my office for that spanking I promised you. I have some work to finish.”
“How am I supposed to go out there looking like this? My blouse is so wet, it’s embarrassing.”
“Leave now or I’ll add another spanking. Which will it be?”
She left his office wondering what she’d gotten herself into now and how she was going to get herself out.

Kim had only been at her desk for thirty minutes but it seemed like hours. All she could think about was Ryan’s masterful use of his tongue and what it could do to her pussy. How was she going to get any work done around him now when she couldn’t think of anything but sex? Maybe if she went to the bathroom and took care of business, it would help.
It was a good thing there was a private bathroom connected to the office. She’d hate to be walked in on in the throes of orgasm. Quickly she locked the door, peeled her wet panties down her legs and propped her foot on the toilet seat. Leaning against the wall, she gathered some of the wetness from her slit and moved it to her clit. Her thumb strummed her nub as she imagined Ryan’s long, thick cock filling her. She slipped her fingers inside her slick passage, moving in and out at full force until she screamed Ryan’s name.
When she got back to her desk, Ryan was waiting in her chair, “So you’re a screamer, huh?” A sensuous flame burned in his eyes.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Cover:Claiming Lauren

This is my Cover for Claiming Lauren a western menage book.Releasing next friday.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Office Play-Part Two-Free read

Kim gasped a little too loud, “Oh My God!” She turned to run back to her desk but Ryan grabbed her arm. “Where do you think you’re going Kim? You know you wouldn’t make a very good spy screaming like that. Maybe you need to be punished for eavesdropping on us like that?”
“Mr. Masters, I’m so sorry. The door was ajar and I was only going to shut it so you wouldn’t be disturbed. I didn’t mean to overhear your conversation.
His warm breath caressed the shell of her ear. “Have you ever been spanked, Ms. Davis?”
“Maybe once when I was a child.” Ryan held her against the wall making escape impossible. A blush spread over her cheeks and her panties were getting wetter thinking of him spanking her.
“What about a lover spanking you?” His voice was lower, huskier than normal.
“No.” She answered quickly over her rapidly beating heart. “Ms. Davis, when everyone leaves for the night, come into my office. Maybe a spanking will teach you not to eavesdrop on private conversations.”

Ryan Masters was a successful take-charge attorney and he liked his sex the same way. He was part owner of The Edge, a club where single Dom’s could meet single women who wanted to be subs. So why today of all days when he was about to tell Gary he wanted out, Kim overhears the conversation. Kim and he weren’t actually a couple yet. But he hoped that little detail would change after tonight.
Before Ryan closed the door to his office, he stared right into Kim’s eyes then shut the door. Her wide-eyed innocence was such a turn on. His cock ached whenever she was around, especially after their altercation earlier.
Ryan unzipped his slacks, pulled them down over his hips along with his boxer briefs, and then sat back in his office chair. How many times had he jerked off in the middle of the day thinking about his very attractive secretary right in the next room? His fist closed around his cock and began to stroke it. After he closed his eyes, he could see her beautiful face, and her long, golden hair lying on his pillow. He imagined sticking his cock into her faintly rosy mouth and her sucking him off. God, he wanted to fuck her so bad.
He could almost feel her hand caressing his balls while his cock was in her mouth. He couldn’t stop now; he was almost there. Whoever was knocking on his door would go away.
Ryan was about to spill his seed all over his hand when Kim walked into the office. As soon as their eyes met, his release came full force.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Office Play by Jodi Olson

This is a free read for my readers. I will be posting a snippet every friday until the end of the free read. I'm also going to have this story in newsletter they put out twice a week.No date set yet.Will keep updated when I know.

Office Play-Part one

Kim Davis had been working as Ryan Masters’ secretary for the last seven years but the last two years, she’d fallen hard for him. The problem? He’d never shown any interest in her unless it was work related.
Kim’s nipples hardened as she watched her boss get off the elevator. Her fingers itched to run through his hair. The thought of his soft beard rasping her thighs and his blue eyes staring at her while she screamed his name had her stifling a moan.
Lost in thought, she almost didn’t hear Ryan tell her he’d be in a meeting most of the afternoon and he didn’t want to be disturbed by anyone. When the lunch order she’d placed earlier arrived, she could bring it in but after that they were to be left alone.
After watching him close his door, she wondered who his next client was because his calendar listed no more appointments all afternoon. Since Ryan was an attorney for the rich and famous, she got to see some of her favorite actors. Although most avoided the front entrance so the media wouldn’t see them.
Most times, Kim stayed close to her desk for lunch; she wanted to be around in case Ryan needed her. Or maybe she enjoyed the view from her desk since he kept his office door open when clients weren’t there.Around noon, a rather tall man and a brunette woman get off the elevator and headed straight toward Ryan’s office. She was about to stop them when Ryan opened his door and invited them in. He left the door slightly ajar so she walked over to close it. As she grasped the handle, she overheard the man ask Ryan if he was coming to The Edge tonight.
“I’ll be there, but even if I don’t show up I’m sure you can manage a night without me.”
“Well, you’re needed there to help with the submissive training. You are called Master Ryan for a reason. The gal out front looks like she would fit right into your world Ryan. Don’t you think she’d make a great submissive?”