Friday, May 10, 2013

Thoughts on Novella vs the Longer Novels

Just read an article on the short and sweet Appeal of the Romance Novella.

These type of books are on the rise compared to the longer ones and I love that.

For me a book that is around 15k is plenty. I write between 7k to 17k so far. I hear all the time books are too long nowadays and I agree with what readers are saying.

I read a lot of books when I'm not writing. I support a lot of authors, more then anyone knows. But I no longer have the time to read a 40k plus book anymore, and i also find there is always too my fluff/filler not needed in those books.

In my writing I focus more on the hero and his love interest. That is how it should be. Don't need a lot of subplots or  I get bored. I want to read more about the couple.

I was in a chat four days ago.  When it came to my turn ,I read comments saying that since my books are so short they should be free. Are you kidding me? I take months to write  those books and I work hard on each one that I write. It really bugged me to hear some of the things that were said to me.

Maybe those that showed up for the chat don't like short books, which is fine. But there are plenty of readers I hear from that love them over the long ones.

I personally love the shorter ones, and I will continue writing them and reading them over the longer ones.


leann said...

I like both the (short)novella & the (long)novels! As a reader, some books are too long, as to some they end too soon. I guess it's just how interesting the book is. But if the novellas are in a series, that continues the story plot without being boring.. then go for it. That's just my opinion.leann

Romance Reader Enthusiast said...

When time is short and you want a romance fix, the short story/novellas are the best way to go. It also brings you into contact with authors that you may not have read before.


Liberty said...

It all depends on the story and the author.

There are some authors out there that couldn't write a short story if their lives depended on it.

You, my dear, are the mistress of the novella length.

Jodi Olson said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies. And ty Liberty for that comment on my writing length.