Monday, May 6, 2013

Burn for Cowboy by jenna Howard

Meredith Heaven is his and dominant Mike Rossi is going to do whatever it takes to keep her. He's in Calgary during the Stampede to rope himself some clients for his sports agency, but mostly he's convincing Meri that her future and heart belong to him.

He wanted inside her. He needed to be inside her.

Quickly, he stripped himself of his jeans and moved between her open legs. Her breathing changed and her hips lifted in a silent plea. Mike gazed at her, taking a mental picture.

She was everything he had ever wanted in life. He wished he were the same for her. He wished he had found her first as opposed to whomever it was who had broken her heart. That he had been the one to imprint upon her heart so that it was only him.

Selfish, but true.

Reaching up, he eased the tie from her mouth and heard his name in a raspy whisper. He leaned over her, bracing his hands on the ties. She moaned at the added pressure on her wrists. "Tell me what you want, little love."

"You," she whispered. "You."

His gaze moved over her face, her eyes hidden from him. He wished he believed her. He wished it were him she wanted. "Then who am I to deny you anything?"

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