Monday, May 20, 2013

Interview with Hero Elliott from Owning the Desire

Jodi: Welcome Elliott. Thanks for stopping by today, I know you’re a very busy guy.


Elliott: Yes, I do keep busy with the store and Laney gets most of my attention these days.


Jodi: So tell us a little about yourself. Laney is your wife right?


Elliott: Yes, I’ve been married to my beautiful wife, Laney for 13 years. We’ve had some problems lately but we are working on them. We live in a small town called Dalton, population 253 residents. We live by Dalton Creek; it’s a beautiful place to live. Most of our neighbors seem have the same lifestyle as we do.


Jodi: What do you mean by same Lifestyle?

Elliott: Laney is a Domme and I’m a submissive I belong to a group on line for male subs. That is how I met Matt, Kyle, Kane and Lucas. A lot more members have joined recently but haven’t met them yet. Our town sheriff Liam is a submissive I’ve heard.


Jodi: Interesting. So tell me more about your marriage. I read that for your anniversary Laney rented a stripper pole and surprised you. Bet you loved that.


Elliott: Yes, I was in shock at first, she had told me it was something she never wanted to do. It was a fantasy of mine, and I asked her to at least think about it. We had a fight before I had to leave town on business. I was gone three weeks and could never get a hold of her to tell Laney I was sorry. Turns out during the time I was gone, she had taken lessons not only in the pole dancing but also in female domination.  Laney found a list of my fantasies while I was away and fulfilled them all on our anniversary. I love that woman.


Jodi: I read that Laney learned from a 60 year old Domme named Mavis. From what I’ve read of your story she sure is a funny one. I just can’t picture a 60 year old on a stripper pole.

Elliott: Laney calls Mavis her aunt. She saved our marriage so to speak. I owe that woman a lot. It was kind of embarrassing how I first met her. Laney was mad at me for taking calls on our anniversary dinner night. When we got back home I was punished for it. You’ll have to read the rest of it in the book. I still turn red thinking about it.


Jodi: Glad things worked out well for you. I know the readers will love the story as much as I did. Oh I have one more question before you leave. Have you ever shaved off your beard before?

Elliott: No, Laney won’t allow me to shave it off. She loves the feel of it between her thighs. At least that is what she tells me. Thanks for having me here today.  Please tell the readers hello from me.


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