Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tyler by C.H.Admirand

Admirand (The Saxon Bride) launches a contemporary cowboy romance trilogy with a porn-movie premise and thinner plot. Tyler Garahan needs money to keep the family ranch, so he becomes a stripper at the Lucky Star bar. He hates the job and feels like "a piece of meat," but the deal is sweetened when he falls for Emily Langley, his redheaded spitfire boss. While Tyler and Emily succumb to lust, the Lucky Star's owners fight to keep the bar open once a zealous reformer launches a campaign to change their town of Pleasure, Tex., to a more wholesome tourist trap. Tyler's ex-girlfriend adds some drama and his two brothers contribute goofiness and humor, but the role reversal only makes possessive, catty Emily and reluctant, resentful Tyler as unsympathetic as they would be were he exploiting her. (Mar.)

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