Monday, June 13, 2011

The Cooper Stud Ranch:The Early Years-FREE read Coming soon.

This is a sample of my Free read which is also based on a series about 12 sons. Their parents story is the free read. This is before they had the boys. They were apart because of problems and Sarah was staying and working in  the brothel., then she falls and loses her memory for a short time.

Sarah couldn’t stand sleeping alone. She missed Frank’s warm body next to hers on these cold nights. She couldn’t even remember the last time they’d made love. Her body burned thinking about him being inside of her. Sarah thought about the time Frank had wanted her to touch herself while he watched. It was the first time she’d ever done something like that. At first she was scared and embarrassed but once she started and saw the fire in his eyes when she began touching her breasts, taking them into her hands. He’d grown hotter watching her caress them, touching her nipples and pinching them. Sarah had gazed into Frank’s eyes as her fingers slid over her hips, down to her stomach, and directly inside her slick passage. They ended up making love several times that night. She missed those days.

After tossing and turning an hour later, she slipped off her nightgown to toss it onto the floor. She had an ache between her thighs that made it hard to sleep.

Her hands moved to her breasts, kneading and pinching them as she thought about Frank licking, stroking and sucking her nipples with his tongue. The gentle pull of her nipples sent waves of desire all the way down to her swollen pussy. It wasn’t enough. She needed more to send her over the edge. She pictured Frank’s thick cock and slowly she slipped two fingers inside her aroused sex to imagine they were him. The building pressure was too much. She arched her head back crying out his name.

Sarah thrust her hips up, pushing against her hand, riding her orgasm as it came crashing down hard. She fell back against the bed exhausted yet more relaxed than she had been in a months.


Sarah stepped outside of Bucks General Store with a sack of vinegar, squash, red peppers, coffee, and baking powder. As she placed one foot on the first step some cowboy in a hurry pushed her aside making her lose her balance. The sack of goods fell from her hands. She went down hitting her head on the last step and stars burst in front of her eyes. Then everything went black.


Frank squinted at what appeared to be someone lying on the ground next to Bucks General Store. He jumped down off the buckboard and ran when he noticed it was a woman.

He was inches away when noticed it was his beloved Sarah. Panic like he’d never known before welled inside his throat. She was on her back with arms at her sides, her eyes were closed, and strands of her dark brown hair were soaked with blood.

How long had she been there like that? Why didn’t someone help her instead of leaving her there as if she were rubbish found in the alley?

He picked her up into the cradle of his arms and practically ran all the way to Doc Henry’s office. Five minutes later, Frank paced inside the waiting room while Sarah was being examined in the back room with the Doc.

A half hour passed before the curtain opened and the Doc appeared. “How is she?” Frank tried to hide his fear waiting for the Doc to answer him.

“Your wife has a concussion, some bruises, and lacerations, but she’ll recover.” Doc Henry paused before he continued. “Sarah has regained consciousness, I told her that her husband was waiting in the other room for her. She doesn’t remember you, Frank. It’s the head injury.”

“When will I be able to take my wife home?”

“Memory lapse is not uncommon after a head injury, and, at this point, it’s not something to worry about. I still want to keep her overnight so I can keep an eye on her though.”

Frank couldn’t believe this was happening. “Can I see her? Maybe it will help her remember.”

“No, Frank. You need to go home and come back tomorrow. She needs her rest.”


K.T. Bishop said...

I want to win; these covers make me want sex!

Jodi Olson said...

If I ever do a contest will let you knwo but this book will be free when it comes out. Going in a FREE Anthology with 5 other authors or more.