Monday, June 27, 2011

My inspritation for my books

1.Adam Hunter-Hunters Possession-----m/f/m

2.Aiden-Alluring Whispers----m/m

3.Brian-Christmas in Cuffs- m/f/m

4.Brock Cooper-The Cooper Stud Ranch Volume 1

5.Chase-Breathless Whispers-m/f/m

6.Nick/Christian St. Nick-A Christmas Charade

7.Clint-For The Love of Bobbie-m/m/f

8.Devlin-For The Love of Bobbie m/m/f

9.Grant-Naughty Whispers- m/f/m

10.Grayson-From A Distance

11.Greg- Breathless Whispers- m/f/m

12.Hudson- Naughty Whispers- m/f/m

13.Jagger-Alluring Whispers- m/m

14.Jason-Christmas in Cuffs- m/f/m

15.John-Dear John m/m/f

16.Kevin-Raining On Sunday- m/f/m

17.Kyle-Flames of Desire

18.Mark-Playing House

19.Mathew-Road to Desire

20.Nathan-Seduction the Riley Way

21.Neal-Getting Wild

22.Marc-Dear John--m/f/m

23.Ryan Hunter-Hunters Possession m/f/m

24.Ryan Masters-Office Play

25.Sheriff Caleb-Madame Bree and the Sheriff

26.Spencer-A Christmas Wish

27.Storm-Storms Obsession

28.Zack-Home for Christmas

29.Frank Cooper- FREE Read The Cooper Stud Ranch:The Early Years

30.Sheriff Dan Cooper- The Cooper Stud Ranch volume 1

31.Jake Cooper-The Cooper Stud Ranch volume 1


Liz said...

you just made my night! I have my own little collection of inspiration too! thanks for sharing yours!

Jodi Olson said...

Thanks Liz, I could spend hours looking for the next guy in my books. lol