Saturday, November 29, 2008

Raining in Sunday

Amelia lost her husband and was now in danger of losing her dream house. The constant rain drenched her, washing away her tears…and hope. Could the answer to her problems lay in becoming the sex slave to the two handsome builders of her dream home? Mike and Kevin could only hope her answer would be “yes.”
Mike drove his truck as close to the front door as he could without pulling it up on the curb. He fumbled with the keys as he ran to unlock the door. Once he had the door open, Kevin carried Amelia inside and placed her on the sofa. He lifted her foot, placing it gently on a pillow on top of the footstool, and went to the kitchen for some ice. Mike removed her shoes, letting his long lean fingers slowly massage her ankle and feet. He was trying to assess her injuries, but the softness of her skin was distracting him.Amelia felt the shivers up her body as he caressed her ankle, working his way up her leg. His touch felt fantastic and she moaned from both the pleasure and pain of it. She always enjoyed a massage; and she had a feeling Mike would be great at giving full body massages as well. I wonder what else he could do with those fingers.Kevin returned with the ice pack, which was cold, and his fantasies, which were hot and in overdrive. He wasn’t bothered by the fact that Mike was giving her a foot rub, what was troubling was Amelia’s contented reaction to the intimacy of the effort. Damn him! Mike was already making his moves before Kevin even got the chance. I guess I have to wait my turn or beat Mike at his own game. Hell I’d be happy to share her if it that was the only way to be with her. Amelia jumped as Kevin placed the dishtowel with the ice gingerly on her ankle.“Sorry about that gorgeous, but it will help keep the swelling down.” Kevin let his fingers grave her arm, trying to get her attention away from Mike. “I never knew something could hurt so much,” she whined, sucking in her breath as the throbbing pain overtook her.Mike assessed the situation. “First, the good news. Your ankle’s not broken. You did twist it badly and it’s going to take a few days before your back on your feet. So we need to talk about your job.” Mike put an emphasis on the last word. “From what we’ve seen so far, you working as a carpenter isn’t going to work. The injury you’ve suffered is going to keep you off your feet for a few days. I would like to offer you our hospitality while you recover. Kevin and I feel since you injured yourself at our job site we should take care of you. When you’re up an about we’d like you to consider being our maid and general housekeeper. As you can see when you look around the room Kevin’s a bit of a slob.”“Hey, I might suck at cleaning but at least I can cook, unlike you,” Kevin laughed.Without missing a beat, Mike continued, “There is one other way you could work off the money you owe us.”Amelia relaxed a bit as the ice started to numb the pain. She silently studied the two handsome men before her. “I’m not the best of housekeepers, so what’s the other option you’ve been considering?” Mike paused for a moment, and looked at Kevin, and then back at Amelia. “We’d like you to consider being our sex slave for one week. The earning potential should give you enough to finish paying off the house, if that’s really what you want to do.”Amelia’s shock was evident. She remained silent for several seconds before she dared to speak. “Are you two crazy? Sex slave?” She looked at both Mike and Kevin, and realized they were serious. The suggestion made her panties wet. Surely they’re kidding, but I sure hope not. She smiled seductively as she made eye contact with Mike and then Kevin. I hope they don’t expect an immediate answer on this one. If I were smart, regardless of the pain in my ankle, I’d just walk out the door. But I can’t because I owe them money and I have to pay off the debt if I want the house. Damn, what a mess. “How long do I have to think about this?” Amelia nibbled on her lower lip, contemplating their answer. Hell, her ex-husband, on their wedding night, had told her she had no clue how to make a man happy in bed. His comments echoed in her head. “You can have the rest of tonight to consider our offer. We’d like an answer first thing tomorrow,” Mike smiled.Leaving her to think about their offer, Mike and Kevin walked to the kitchen to start dinner. From time to time Amelia made eye contact with one of them seeing only anticipation in their eyes. Hell what will it be, I know they want an answer but I don’t know what to do. I’m an okay housekeeper but that’s no fun. Sex slave, now that’s a profession I haven’t tried. I just don’t want to be humiliated when all is said and done. Hell what if my ex-husband was right, what if I don’t know what a man wants? I need to get out of here. She tried to stand, but the pain that shot from her ankle up her leg was excruciating. She sat back down with a plop. I can’t even walk out of here, what am I going to do?
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Barb said...

Still waiting on Kevin's book, it's got to be soon. Can you hear him calling yet? I can. lol

Jodi Olson said...

LOL I am thinking about it a little no title tho yet. Maybe a stranded story is kind of my idea right now.