Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hunter's Possession


When Travis Hunter dies, his Will brings together his long-lost sons Ryan and Adam, and Travis’s beautiful young widow Brooke. How will they divide Travis’s legacy, the Triple-H ranch? And who will claim the richest prize of all, the ravishing Brooke Hunter? Can they have it all?


He couldn’t get her off his mind, and being away from her for four hours drove him nearly crazy. While out riding, thoughts of her played over and over in his head. All of them were of her naked and in several positions: those long, sensuous legs, wrapped around him while she rode his throbbing shaft, cowgirl style. He took a deep breath and knocked on her door..
“Brooke, it’s Ryan. Can I come in?” He waited until he heard a soft voice telling him he could enter.
She was sitting on the bed with a book in her lap, wearing a thin sleeveless nightgown that barely covered her thighs. The only light was a small lamp. Next to the lamp were several more books. He wasn’t much of a reader since he was always too busy on the farm. She looked as if she’d been crying and that bothered him for some reason.
“Did you want something Ryan? I’m really into a good part in my book and would like to get back to it.”
He saw she could barely look at him when she spoke. “It looks like you’ve been crying, why? Did Adam do something while I was gone? If he did I’ll kick his ass all the way back into town.”
“ No, he didn’t do anything. But I think he’s ready to kick your ass for what you did.”
“I’m sorry Brooke, I mean - for ruining the nice meal you prepared.” He offered her a forgiving smile. “I know you worked really hard on it.”
“It wasn’t that hard really. I just hope what took place won’t happen again. You two should try and get along. I’m sure Adam isn’t a bad guy like you think he is. Now - if there isn’t anything else, I’d really like to finish this chapter so I can go to sleep.”
Ryan walked closer to the bed where he could see right through her gown and he let out a groan. His eyes darkened with arousal at the site of what she had hidden under her gown. He wanted her – now – right now - and there was no one around that would stop him, not even Adam.
Ryan grabbed the book out of her hands and held it up high enough for her not to reach it.
“What do you think you’re doing? I was reading that.”
“You can read it later; much, much later if I have anything to say about it.”
Brooke was riled up and she rose from the bed. With all her strength, she tried to grab the book but Ryan held it out of her reach, switching it from hand to hand. His face broke into a wide grin at the site of her. She looked cute when she got mad. Ryan grabbed her waist pulling her to him. “I’m going to kiss you again. Ever since earlier today, I’ve been wanting another taste of you.”
“If you’re trying to distract me, it won’t work.”
“What are you going to do, hit me with the broom again?”
Brooke tugged on his shirt so hard that he dropped the book and they both toppled to the bed with Brooke underneath him.
He moved his weight off and lay next to her. Cupping her chin in his hand, he searched her face for any sign for him to stop. Seeing none his lips came coaxingly down on hers. She returned his kiss with a burning, aching need. Her lips tasted sweet and he wanted more. His tongue licked a path down her neck stopping at the edge of her gown.


Barb said...

Can't wait for Friday...Just three more days.

Jodi Olson said...

Yes and I can't wait either. Hunter men are sexy and hot.