Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I've been absent for the last 6 months because

In June of 2013 my soon to be ex husband told me he was divorcing me. His reasons were he wanted a change. So I up and moved out of a house I lived in for over 18 yrs. Left my two cats too. Moved in with my sister for 2 months until Sept of 2013 when finally was able to get an apartment.

This has been really hard on me. I had stopped writing, reading and have been absent from many things on the net I used to do. I am now just starting to get back to doing things I love and trying to adjust to this major life change. I was married 28 yrs this past Nov. It's not final yet but I think it will be this month some time.

I only had three books out in 2013. I hope to get double that amount this year.

Starting today I will be showing 1st chapters of my books as promo's.

I hope everyone has a great 2014.
Jodi Olson

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