Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ours Until Morning Teaser F/F/M

This is a teaser sex scene with the two females

What is it you want, Kaitlin?”

It was a slow burn of a kiss, heating core as each pulsing second passed. Her tongue probed the seam of her mouth for entry. The rasp of her tongue as it mated with hers sent shivers down the back of her legs and up again. She felt her toes curl as her kiss deepened. Her arms had gone from the tops of her shoulders down the length of her arms to settle about her waist, holding Andi against her. Her body responded automatically, the ache between her thighs became more insistent. Andi moved against her, a slight nudge at first and then a rub to feel the pleasure her body offered.

Kaitlin’s hands moved up from her waist t...o untie the strings of her bikini. It fell away, leaving her breasts free for her touch. Andi drew in a sharp breath as her hands cupped her; her thumb gently stroking over each nipple, making her cry out for more.

Kaitlin tore her mouth off hers. “Maybe we should finish this back in the room, or would you rather go lie on the towels?”

Andi wanted her to finish what she had started; they had so little time left before going back to reality. “I don’t want to wait. I need you now.”

Her hot breath sent shivers down Andi’s thighs and up again and then against her pussy, her fingers gently separating her, Kaitlin’s tongue tasting her like an exotic dessert. Andi whimpered as the sensations rippled through her whole body. Her fingers dug into the sand, and her heart raced as Kaitlin continued her intimate caress until she finally exploded.


lynn said...

wow! excuse me..... yesssss! ok . : )

Jodi Olson said...

LOL I am glad you liked it Lynn. This was my first attempt at F/F scenes. I love this book too.