Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Here are the 3 Winners of Christmas in Cuffs

Since I had 30 enteries I decided to give three 3 ebooks away instead of one.
The first one I grabbed will get the dedication plus ebook. The other two the ebook.

Here we go and thanks so much everyone for entering. The amount of entries was amazing, loved all the name suggestions too.

First one- Nancy-E. Jaimie wins ebook plus the dedication when the book is written accepted and ready to be published.

2nd pick was Jean-Christmas in Cuffs ebook

3rd pick is Helen -Christmas in Cuffs

I know Helen's address but i need the rest so you can get your ebook today.

Congrats everyone. I will be chatting at Midnight Seductions and will be giving out another copy of this book hope to see you there.


Helen Seely said...

Yay Wohoo.... Did you choose a name? or names?

Jean said...

My addresss is Thank you so much, Jodi! I'm thrilled to win!!!

Fairie said...

Congrats ladies !!!!

E. Jamie said...

Oh I'm honored!!!! My e-mail addy is

Western Lovin!! said...


Jodi Olson said...

Everyone should have there books and Congrats again winners.