Saturday, August 27, 2011

Purely Sexual by Delta Dupree

Rescue Me

Playboy Donovan Fontana is an expert at skirting the law—and bedding beautiful women. But the game gets ugly when a false charge of assault threatens to put him behind bars...unless he can get the only potential witness, his boss's maid Challie Baderleen, on his side. Not a problem. The girl's got one hell of a body and soul-stealing eyes that make him hot and hard. He's ready to give her the ultimate experience in sexual satisfaction...and more.

Challie's made a lot of tough choices in her young life and saying yes to Donovan isn't easy. But lying naked in his arms is fierce joy. She's never, ever felt this way, never had it so good. And she's never trusted a man enough to get this close...for a reason. As the hours they have together grow shorter, sensual passion consumes them—and something like love could tear them apart...

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