Saturday, May 28, 2011

Islland of Temptation by Claire Thompson

When artist Sam Jamison finds himself stranded on an island with dark-haired, blue-eyed Donovan McNair he knows he'll have to keep a tight rein on his rising passions. Donovan's straight as an arrow - or so he assumes. Survivors of a cruise shipwreck, the two men are thrown together in a desperate struggle to survive.

Alone with no idea if they'll be rescued, Sam and Donovan forge a bond far stronger than mere friendship. Donovan discovers sexual attraction and love needn't be limited to the opposite sex. Though afraid of his own impulses, he finds himself captivated by Sam's good looks and quiet authority. Experiencing a freedom not possible back in ""the real world"", desire boils over, inhibitions melt away and passion burns a clear, loving flame.

When rescue throws the cold water of reality on the lovers, Donovan returns to his old life - a life with no place for Sam. Torn and confused by expectations and self-imposed constraints, Donovan must find the courage to go where his heart leads him. Sam can only wait with quiet longing, praying the love they have shared will be strong enough to survive away from their secret tropical paradise.

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