Friday, March 19, 2010

Office Play -part 3 a free read

Kim was excited but embarrassed, seeing Ryan pleasure himself and she blushed a bright pink.
His cock was still semi-erect so she looked toward the filing cabinets while he zipped up. “I’m sorry, I thought I’d file these closed cases since you have no appointments.”
Should she laugh to ease the tension or leave and do the filing later? Ryan seemed a little unnerved but rightly so, she’d never walked in on this situation before. She wondered who he was thinking of and was this the first time he’d jacked off in the office?
Filing wasn’t one of her favorite chores so she thought why not have a little fun with it. Normally Ryan was out of the office when she filed; she could give him an eyeful. She bent over, opened the drawer, and placed the folder in the slot. She couldn’t contain the shiver when she felt his eyes watching her; then he spoke. “That nice, round ass was made for spanking. It was made for my hands to do the spanking.”
Kim closed her eyes when she stood; her panties were so soaked, she felt the juices run down her thigh. Her knees were about to buckle when a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist. He whipped her around to face him.
“Kiss me now, damn it!” Ryan’s fingers trailed down her neck, causing her to take a deep breath and become wetter between her thighs. Her lips parted as she raised herself to meet his kiss. He devoured her, plunging his tongue deep in her mouth. Blood pounded in her heart but she became so breathless her knees trembled.
Quickly her nipples hardened to pinpoints as he stroked his tongue down her neck, then further toward her breasts. Rapture was what she felt when his tongue lavished her sensitive, swollen nipples through her cream colored blouse. The blouse was so wet from his ministrations it was see through.
All of a sudden, he pushed her away. ”Now go back to your desk until everyone leaves for the night. Then come into my office for that spanking I promised you. I have some work to finish.”
“How am I supposed to go out there looking like this? My blouse is so wet, it’s embarrassing.”
“Leave now or I’ll add another spanking. Which will it be?”
She left his office wondering what she’d gotten herself into now and how she was going to get herself out.

Kim had only been at her desk for thirty minutes but it seemed like hours. All she could think about was Ryan’s masterful use of his tongue and what it could do to her pussy. How was she going to get any work done around him now when she couldn’t think of anything but sex? Maybe if she went to the bathroom and took care of business, it would help.
It was a good thing there was a private bathroom connected to the office. She’d hate to be walked in on in the throes of orgasm. Quickly she locked the door, peeled her wet panties down her legs and propped her foot on the toilet seat. Leaning against the wall, she gathered some of the wetness from her slit and moved it to her clit. Her thumb strummed her nub as she imagined Ryan’s long, thick cock filling her. She slipped her fingers inside her slick passage, moving in and out at full force until she screamed Ryan’s name.
When she got back to her desk, Ryan was waiting in her chair, “So you’re a screamer, huh?” A sensuous flame burned in his eyes.


Barb said...

mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm! It's getting good...

Cindy said...

OMG,I'love it,there is just something so sexy about a man jacking off..... then him listening to her get off too,OMG hot! hot! hot!

Jodi Olson said...

Me too Cindy, I love that scene.

bunnylady said...

Oh wow Jodi.. That got my panties wet. I totally agree with Cindy. Something so hot about watching a man jerk off. Mmmmmmm

Keep up the good work.

Jodi Olson said...

Thanks Krissy.

Kim said...

Oh my!!!! So so hot! I feel their tension.
Good thing Friday is just around the corner.