Monday, September 14, 2009

Release Date Info

Oct 2nd will be the day that A Christmas Charade comes out. I can't wait.Blurb:

Jillian Marshall was dreading her ten-year high school reunion. She’d told catty classmate Regan Walters that she was married to the top heart surgeon in San Francisco. Now…could she persuade hunky doctor Christian St. Nicholas to attend the reunion? As the husband she didn’t have? Was it going to be the best Christmas ever – or A Christmas Charade?

Excerpt 1:

Nick thought back to the conversation he had with Jillian a few days back telling her to go to her reunion. What was I thinking telling her to meet someone and have wild sex? I want to be the man to touch her and make her scream out my name when I plunge in to her depths.
The first time he saw Jillian, he’d been outside washing his car and she walked by wearing a pair of tight, blue denim shorts. Her legs seemed to go on forever. Many nights in the last few weeks he’d dreamed of those legs wrapped around his waist while he took her to ecstasy.
The jeans he wore became tighter thinking about it. He needed to get up and go to the kitchen before Jillian noticed. How will I ever explain it?
Nick went into the kitchen for a soda; no more wine for me, he needed to clear his head. “Jillian do you want anything?”
“Yes I want you…”
What the hell? Did I just hear her right? Does she want to be more than friends too?
“I want you to come sit on the couch with me. Aren’t you enjoying the movie Christian?” Jillian teased.
“You know I hate being called that,” he remained in the kitchen so she wouldn’t notice how hard he was at the moment.
“Nick… is that better?” she laughed. “Now, come sit with me.”
He rounded the corner and plopped on the couch next to Jillian. Sitting this close tempted him in so many ways, so he reached for the book lying on the table next to him.
From the looks of the cover, it was an erotic romance novel. He knew she loved to read after seeing her crammed bookshelves, but he didn’t remember seeing anything like this before.
Jillian was apparently very interested in romance, but Nick wasn’t the least bit interested in a long- term relationship, and he knew she’d be the type to go for that sort of thing. So why am I going to miss her this coming weekend?
In a little over a week, it would be Christmas and they’d be spending it together. He wondered what kind of gift she might like, maybe some jewelry of some kind? Most women liked that sort of thing.

Excerpt 2:

It was as if Nick could read her mind because he pulled her into his arms and his mouth was on hers. He opened her lips with his tongue, plunging inside as he backed her up against the bed. She felt his erection against her stomach, wanted it inside her. No, she needed his cock inside her now.
Nick peeled her clothes off one by one until she was completely naked; her clothes piled in a heap on the wooden floor. He laid her down on the bed. Kneeling between her legs, his tongue circled her clit, which was already hard with need. He licked down her damp slit, before he plunged inside her. Jillian was breathless and trembling with desire.
“Nick, please…”
“Please what?”
“I need you to inside me-now.”
“Patience baby,” he slipped one hand between her thighs and pushed two fingers inside her while he sucked on her swollen nub. In minutes she was bucking and whimpering. Sensation shot through her entire body as if she was on fire.
His hands, his mouth, were everywhere pleasing her. Pleasure was bringing her over the edge and she quickly cried out his name.
Before she had time to catch her breath, Nick stood and undressed. Within seconds, he was back on the bed pushing her thighs apart and entering her with his cock. She held on to his shoulders as he started thrusting harder.
His mouth curled around one of her nipples, tugging gently at first. Then he bit with more force and she tightened around his cock. Her hips bucked demanding more, but he took it slow, wanting her to come again before he did.
He moved from nipple to nipple, sucking and nipping, as he met her thrust for thrust. Soon he felt her tighten as her climax exploded through her. Shortly after, Nick called out her name as he came.
Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her close as his breathing returned to normal. He was almost asleep when he heard her whisper his name.
“I love you.”

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